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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 143/1952

. Policeman on the portal of the Church greets, large. Teaching enters the Church. Catchment of the pastors at the top goes Dr. Schöffel Bishop. Pan across Church portal. 04. Heath: Inauguration of oil cracking plant (gas processing) character DEA turns. The
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Deutschlandspiegel 319/1981

on my face." Manfred Hausin, 29 years old, from professional writers. A quarter of a year long he had yet another name: town clerk of Soltau, a small ancient town in the Lüneburg Heath. Only the large library, providing with literature and - now and
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Deutschlandspiegel 351/1983

flat country. (44 m) 03. Pfahlsitzer in the Heath of young women sit on stilts to break Guinness world record over 100 hours of stilt sitting. Young Pfahlsitzerin turns cigarette, others get their hair cut. Plate of food is served too. Clock is ticking
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