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Welt im Film 347/1952

enters Churchill with wake room, totally. Churchill speaks interview (merger of the free peoples against communist aggression), great. Deputies clapping, total. (20 m) c. Herleshausen: rally the FDP at the zone boundary torchlight procession. Bundestag
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 505/1959

Eisenhower - Khrushchev same cut as UFA 166/2 (12 m) 03 Herleshausen: inauguration of a Soviet soldier cemetery gravestone with names. Memorial plaque to 1593 Soviet prisoners of war who died 1942-1945 in the camp. The Hessian Interior Minister Schneider and
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 651/1962

01 Herleshausen, "The village on the border". Ländl. Panorama, panoramic view from shore on the Werra and banks face with Grenzpfählen, highway frontal m. Turnpike, place plate "Herleshausen" neb. Road, close, various on the. empty streets with half
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UFA-Wochenschau 314/1962

01 Hamburg. German athletics Championship (all recordings in slow motion out of the men's 200-metres). Pole vault: Dieter Möhring 4.50 m.-Jutta Heine. berm on the lawn in front of public lying, smiling, close. -3000 m steeplechase: Winner:[…]
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