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Welt im Film 74/1946

. (32 m) b. Holstein: from military training area arable land is farm with horse-drawn carriage. Farmer plowing. Harvest grain car. Women during the potato harvest. The potatoes will be paid on a car. Glass works on the station of Neumünster. Workers at
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Welt im Film 112/1947

and Harriman, laughing, half-close. Photographer. (26 m) 05. A pony - paradise in Holstein ponies gallop over the pasture. Pony Mare with foal. Pony foals will not jump over small ditch. It shows Mare foal, which then jumps. Ponies at Hagenbeck at a
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Welt im Film 123/1947

1st master of tomorrow... The young boxers today are the champions of tomorrow... How to become a champion, Hein shows ten Hoff, the German heavyweight champion in the training camp of the professional Boxer in Holstein. The preparatory work of the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 27/1950

bouquets to the Castle. Paul Henry Spaak at demonstration train on the road. (25 m) 05 Holstein: Rose Festival Parade for the Festival of roses with rose-decorated floats. Swan of roses. Stair car of roses received the 1st prize. (26 m) 06. Berlin: Summer
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Deutschlandspiegel 241/1974

1st Baltic Sea: Damp 2000 - holiday Centre from the retort buggy drives from farm gate. Half-timbered houses in Schleswig-Holstein. Windmill Lake Grange, cereal box. Horse riding through fields. High-rise buildings on the Baltic Sea. Swivel housing
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