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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 59/1951

- Ireland 6-1 hockey game at Wembley Stadium. The Englishwomen play superior. (22 m) 10 Sheffield: Newcastle - Wolverhampton 0-0 Wolverhampton scores goal, but is not recognised. Players embrace. Billy Wright, Captain of the national team, on the ball
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 527/1960

01 Ireland: Shannon air disaster debris of an Italian traffic machine that crashed after takeoff in the cemetery of Shannon. Of 52 passengers, 23 were rescued alive. (17 m) 02. Spain: three machines to search a hose boat in the Mediterranean sea
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UFA-Wochenschau 195/1960

. Ireland: military horse during training on the ground. Jump over obstacles and moat. Horse overturns after jump. (16 m) 11 Annapolis: baby Boxer boys signed with boxing gloves pictured at event. Battle of the boys. Winner receives a certificate. (17 m) 12
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UFA-Wochenschau 227/1960

01 SPD Party Congress in Hanover nomination from Willy Brandt Chancellor. Voting, Hall total, Willy Brandt congratulates the re-election as Chairman of the SPD, applause, group portrait of the SPD leaders Erich Ollenhauer. Interview Carlo Schmid:[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 589/1961

Ireland. 86-jähriger farmer became the 22nd times happy father. Farmhouse, farmer with his wife, two great children and the baby, big baby. 09th Cannes. Sophia Loren: the uncrowned Queen of the film festival. The Loren and Carlo Ponti at the airport
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 593/1961

01 Dublin / Ireland. Foreign Minister v. Brentano was educated at the Green Island. -By Brentano in conversation with Foreign Minister Frank Aiken, the ruined city of Glendalough, Aiken, a picnic is Lake lover v. Brentano. 02. Latin America. The
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UFA-Wochenschau 256/1961

car, is greeted by de Gaulle in front of the Palace. (10:00:56 10:01:38) 03. Rainier and Gracia Patricia in Ireland the princely couple on the gangway of their aircraft, they will be welcomed, cheering, Rainier and Gracia Patricia large, Rainier is the
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UFA-Dabei 640/1968

01 Offenbach: DKP party day - KP 1946-1956 - interviews: admission KP title this policy: old wine in new Wineskins, image: Board member of Congress. Archive: election posters are thrown out of car. Writing on fence. Selects KPD. Max Reimann[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 981/1968

watched. Soldier boots in "Links to", great. Practice of greetings. Boots occur on the site, great. 03. Ireland: Biggest tanker of universe Ireland world anchored the Japanese tanker, total. Fireboats spraying on maiden voyage. Settings of the tanker from
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 985/1968

01 oil Island Bahrain air intake of the oil refinery of Bahrain. Houses of the oil city of ISA. Houses, half-close. Mosque. Parking. Arabs on the street. Arrival of the Sheikh Kalifah in car. Arab head, large. Sheikh Kalifah is welcomed. He takes[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1021/1969

01 civil war in Northern Ireland breakdown from UFA 682 / 1 - same section. This news - notes at the time, image: running soldiers. Bernadette Devlin, youngest member of the British Parliament, with the mouthpiece on the road, as leader of the
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UFA-Dabei 682/1969

1st civil war in Northern Ireland this news - notes at the time, image: running soldiers. Bernadette Devlin, youngest member of the British Parliament, with the mouthpiece on the road, as leader of the Catholic protesters. Street battle. Stone
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UFA-Dabei 724/1970

of the German teams with inscription "Alemania". Entrance to the stadium by Leon. COP group. Young people on the bus. 04. Northern Ireland, Ulster: Maximum works total of work. Font: High fibre IND. Indoors: Man on coils, coils, close. Fashion show
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UFA-Dabei 1048/1976

01 Ireland: Scheel in Ireland helicopter lands. German Ambassador in Ireland offers family President Scheel. Walter Scheel and wife Mildred Scheel plant a tree in the garden of the Irish President. Horse racing track. A brass band marching in the
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