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Der Kaiser bei unseren türkischen Verbündeten

naval units March (different camera settings). 10 subtitles: Views of Istanbul. Image: Rich decorated gate, before that March past military formations (v.r.n.l.). 11. Subtitles: Return S.M.. the Sultan of the first visits to the Emperor in his new
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 96/1951

Champion Freestyle standing spectators, half-close. The world champion pair skating. Clapping spectators, total. RIA Falk receives after running bouquet, and goes from the ice. (30 m) 11. Istanbul: Football Turkey - Germany 0:2 the two teams assigned to. At
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UFA-Wochenschau 201/1960

and houses. (5 m) 4th Istanbul: provisional military Government after the fall of the Menderes Government soldiers in the streets. Arrests. Tank. Deserted streets. (9 m 05) Tokyo; Demonstrations against the security pact with America Bildfüllend people
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