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Welt im Film 2/1945

1st unconditional surrender of Italy: 29.4.1945 general Vittinghoff and General of the SS Wolf signed the unconditional surrender of the southern armies. Lieutenant General Morgan signed on behalf of the allies. Handing over of the documents in the
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Welt im Film 3/1945

1st unconditional surrender of Italy: General Vittinghoff and General of the SS Wolf at the signing of the unconditional surrender. Lieutenant General Morgan signed for the allies. German generals in civilian clothes to leave the room. Surrender of
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Welt im Film 15/1945

Italians with the help of the Allied military Government to lay the marshes dry again and work the land to meet the desperate food situation in Italy. The pressure pumps were destroyed, backup pumps had to be installed and put into operation. The clogged
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Welt im Film 51/1946

total). Children in Italy receive food (half total). The children wave (total). Herd (screen-filling). A cow and a calf will receive a stamp: United States (half total). Horse herd (half total). The horses Gallop in a gate, two horses are one above the
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Welt im Film 95/1947

01 industry under construction (light bulb production) machines in production of light bulbs. Workers at packing. Worker in the production of fluorescent lighting at OSRAM, Berlin. Fluorescent tubes in the production process. Workers at the[…]
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Welt im Film 137/1948

) b. US - army leaves Italy U.S. soldiers take their duffel bag on the shoulder and go over stairs on troop transports. Waving from the ship. (9 m) c. Wuppertal: Professor Domagk gets handed out the 1939 Nobel Prize Professor Domagk for medicine with
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Welt im Film 153/1948

. Marshall as a listener, great. People clap. (14 m) c. Washington: Press Conference of the administrator of the Marshall plan Paul G. Hoffmann Hoffmann, large, at press conference on the Marshall plan. (11 m) d. passes elections in Italy Vespafahrer in
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Welt im Film 186/1948

Bourbon Parma - WIF 149 10. Marshall plan - WIF 140 signed by Truman - WIF 180 boxcars for Germany - WIF 182 11 elections in Italy - WIF 153 talks Prime Minister de Gasperi - WIF 153 12th century celebration in St. Paul's Church - WIF 157 13 war in Israel
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Welt im Film 199/1949

01 updates soon a. commemoration of Gandhi's death day Indians. Nehru put down at Memorial wreath. Indians sit at the place where Gandhi's body was burned. (16 m) b. Italy: construction of the Monte Cassino monastery ruins of the monastery during
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Welt im Film 233/1949

than John, art student as Maria Chef de cuisine Caiaphas. (57 m) 06. Italy: the smallest children Jazz Band jazz playing with children aged between seven and eleven years. Baß, accordion, piano, percussion. Children clap. (35 m)
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Welt im Film 241/1950

Unconstant winter 01 Garmisch Partenkirchen: ski jumping people sitting on park benches in the Sun. Snow is carried to the jump and came down. Ski jumper. Fritz Tschannen, Switzerland, jump 73 m. jump of winner Sepp Weiler with 75 and 77 m. (42 m)[…]
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Welt im Film 246/1950

, come together." Frankfurt: Dr. Adenauer presented McCloy agreement for economic cooperation. Italy: De Gasperi makes groundbreaking settlement of the Marshall plan. Turkey: President Ismet Inonü visited Marshall tractors from the United States. (47 m
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Welt im Film 250/1950

and Bremen Heuss goes next to Professor Schiller in the port. Heuss at harbour cruise. The Bremen Roland. Town Hall. Heuss besides Kaisen, half-close. People clap. (28 m) b. Cardinal Spellman in Portugal and Italy Virgin Mary in Fatima (Portugal
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 8/1950

. European champion Heiner Fleischmann explains a scooter by NSU. Weaving machines from the United States. (60 m) 2 Italy: land possession drive trucks with men. Expropriated large estates in the vicinity of Rome will be distributed to peasants. Men digging
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Welt im Film 260/1950

) 03. England: Silverstone race cars on the track. Queen Elizabeth in the lodge. Rabbit runs through the circuit. Farina, Italy, Alfa Romeo WINS and receives a wreath. (28 m) 04 news from Germany a. Berlin: US donation for needy Berlin trucks with food
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Welt im Film 269/1950

nest and are ringed. Stork will return to the nest. (28 m) 06 pictures from all over the world as Italy: Ballet Claude Marchant dance Cuban dance Negro drummers. Claude Marchant dance Cuban dance with his troops. (24 m) b. Oregon: lumberjack competition
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 33/1950

-laying ceremony. (14 m) 5th Italy: Mama Lucia Italian carries unbestattete German casualties, to bury them in the Church. (35 m) 6 Scotland: mine disaster the accident site. Nationals. Salvage crews at work. (21 m) 07. England: Airshow Farnborough landing a
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 34/1950

runway. Miss America gets Crown. (27 m) 04. Italy: election of Miss Europe Miss Italy in a bikini on catwalk, Susanne Erichsen, Miss Germany. Winner Miss Austria. 05. Atlantic City. Ice Revue danced Ballet on the ice. Funny deposit in a bear costume
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Welt im Film 281/1950

: International Golf Championship players on the golf course. Ball slams past hole. Ball rolls into hole. (19 m) c. Italy: wheel riser young 6 year old boy standing training behind Vespa. He travels freely. Sprint under railway barrier throughout. (17 m) 05. Food
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Welt im Film 288/1950

from lines. Storm-whipped water. Destroyed ships at the port of New York. Felled trees over cars. Telegraph poles in the water. (25 m) b. Italy: eruption of Mount Etna steam and lava flows. Farmers look to the mountain. Glowing lava flows. Dog flees
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