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Welt im Film 360/1952

cockpit. Aerial view of Johannesburg. Driving out of the flaps. A Winker filmed on aircraft airfield. Passengers get off. Johannesburg cityscape with traffic. (32 m) d. Frankfurt: Katyn Investigation Committee examination of former Polish officer. Witness
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 356/1956

Africa Erhard in talks in South Africa and visit gold mine in Johannesburg. Gold ingots are cast. 05. picture of candidate, sitting in a row before polling is elections in Uganda in addition to each ballot box. 06. Parrot, monkey and cat as a playmate
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 475/1959

Annegret Reimers. (27 m) 06 return from Africa of Algiers-Cape Town Rally racing driver Karl Kling Karl Kling is welcomed with flowers. (8 m) 7th Johannesburg: newspaper: the time Johannesburg's cityscape. Card game on the road. Plane brings newspaper
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