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Welt im Film 294/1951

Argentina during training on the road. (19 m) b. Schliersee: German Championships in speed skating runners on the track. Overtaking. Theo Meding, Cologne, is complimented as the winner, half-close. (21 m) c. Koblenz: TUS nine village - Wormatia worms play on
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Welt im Film 297/1951

Krauß, Hahnenklee. Ride through the target. Congratulations for Krauß and handing-over of Cup. (19 m) b. Koblenz: Football: rapid Vienna TUS Neuendorf / Kaiserslautern 4-2 Paul Hörbiger meets the ball. Playback. Goalkeeper keeps. Shot on goal for the
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Welt im Film 304/1951

-filling. Roast piglet on the spit. Dances. (17 m) c. Rhodesia: new Chief introduces British Government officials and Bantu Negro at the ceremony. The new Chief. Negro dance. (21 m) 05 sport a. Koblenz: TUS Neuendorf - Austria Vienna 2:3 playback. Goalkeeper fends
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Welt im Film 362/1952

01 General Eisenhower farewell to Germany Koblenz: Eisenhower Get up stand, total, and decreases parade by French troops. Francois Poncet stands next to him. Parade of French troops. Frankfurt: Eisenhower, great. McCloy to stands, half-close. Plane
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 173/1953

-drawn carriage. Wedding gifts on table. The wedding photo with the parents. The bridal couple, great. (34 m) 02 Koblenz: inauguration of the rebuilt monument at Deutsches Eck confluence of the Moselle in the Rhine at the Deutsches Eck. The solemn inauguration of
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 245/1954

game. International children's, faces, great. (22 m) 09 Koblenz: Sports Festival before the trip of German athletes after Japan 14 athletes say goodbye at airfield before flight to Japan. Aircraft rolls to start: 200 m run: Hein Fütterer WINS in 21
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Welt im Bild 199/1956

doubles. Ogimura / Japan WINS in singles and is world champion. Game Conny Freundorfer, which wins against players from Hong Kong, but not coming in the final round. Japan is the most successful nation. 11 Koblenz: Challenge Germany - Poland breakdown
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 325/1956

r Gross frightened receives instruction. 09th Koblenz: 7:9 onslaught of the teams and Sabre greeting challenge Germany - Poland. Banners Exchange. Fencing, Gnaier / Germany against Rydz / Poland. Gnaier WINS. Földes Stratmann / Germany against Zablocki
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UFA-Wochenschau 35/1957

question. Norstad welcomes NATO officers. Departure from Mercedes. 07. Koblenz: Turnpike of a barracks opens NATO troops from France and Germany in an army barracks between French and German soldiers. German and French soldiers in NATO combat exercise with
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 380/1957

present pretty models: dresses, costumes, negligee, Jackson, change clothes, airy summer dresses. 08th Koblenz: International team In the final two Poland fighting the Siegmar Schneider. Audience clapping. Winner of the team competition is Poland. 09
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 499/1959

Brandenburg Gate. Shield: Now leave West Berlin - you are now leaving West Berlin. Brandenburg Gate with car traffic. (9 m) 03 Koblenz: World meeting of the immigrant youth to the Ehrenbreitstein the Deutsches Eck with tractors and Rhine steamer before. Young
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 746/1964

Germany Hungary in Koblenz. Gymnasts gymnastics on the pommel horse. Sometimes in slow motion. Irmgard Lüdemann in the Pfedsprung. Katalin Makrey (Hungary) second-best gymnast on the balance beam. Once she is insecure and a little strauchel. Ursula Schepan
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UFA-Wochenschau 436/1964

campaign their young history. Federal Chancellor Erhard pointed out the core of the coming confrontations before the Junge Union in Koblenz: "where is the alternative? Several years ago, the SPD wanted to neutralization of Germany and called up and down the
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 800/1965

Schröder. Handshake - handshake - handshake, great. Fireworks over the Rhine. Koblenz: Police hold back pressing people. Elizabeth goes next to Prime Minister Altmaier to the Rhine ship, half-close. Urgent people on the shore. People waving to the ship
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UFA-Wochenschau 461/1965

Koblenz, the Rhine, Bonn, Munich, Schwäbisch Hall, Elizabeth goes next to Lahiri the stairs of the castle of Auguste at Brühl up, totally. Behind them are Philip and Mrs Lübke. Elizabeth welcomes the guests, half-close. Philip, laughing, great. Elizabeth
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UFA-Dabei 1043/1976

guards and police seal the cracks. Inland waterway vessel "Freiersthal" and recovery tanks make an emergency dam. Past empty channel, walkers. 02. Koblenz: nuclear power debate Federal Secretary of research Hans Matthöfer speaks, o-ton: "you know that in
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Deutschlandspiegel 275/1977

with laser beam. (48 m) 03. integration of the German armed forces in NATO Koblenz: School of the Bundeswehr for inner guidance. American flag blowing that big. West Point cadets of the United States visit the Bundeswehr. Young men in the classroom
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Deutschlandspiegel 354/1984

drawn automatically. Art porcelain. Sculptor and painter of repute as a designer. (68 m) 3rd film Bundesarchiv Koblenz the Deutsches Eck with the confluence of the Moselle river with the Rhine and the fortress. Ehrenbreitstein. The Federal film archive
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Deutschlandspiegel 379/1986

-astronaut. Photos of the space camera. Computerized evaluation devices. (55 m) 04. The Marksburg Castle near Koblenz the Marksburg Castle for 800 years untouched. Pedestrians walk up on rough rider stairs to the Castle. Medieval inventory and tool in the Castle
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