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Rückkehr von verwundeten Austausch-Gefangenen

1 subtitles: Arrival in Konstanz. Image: Arrival of the dismissed German prisoners of war at the train station in Konstanz on Lake Constance, returnees still in the wagons; Officers on a square; back on the platform: officers in conversation; again
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Welt im Bild 9/1952

border in Konstanz, Switzerland. Boys waving flags from the bus window. The boys get out of the bus and go through passport control. Continuation of the bus. (13 m) 04 United States: Eisenhower opened the campaign sign welcome IKE. Eisenhower speaks at
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Welt im Bild 167/1955

. Aus Rettungsinsel wird Mann zu Hubschrauber hochgezogen. Plötzlich stürzt der Hubschrauber mit Motorschaden ins Meer. Piloten werden von Mutterschiffen geborgen. 06. Konstanz: Internationaler Kongreß der Meinungsforscher Meinungsforscher aus aller
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UFA-Wochenschau 82/1958

. Ladies: Carol Heiss / United States. Audience clapping. Winners at the award ceremony. (30 m) 05 Hannover: Wilhelm Busch Museum drawings and paintings by Wilhelm Busch. Lacher. Max and Moritz. (19 m) 06. Konstanz: Volunteers for the Freikorps Lützow Mr
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UFA-Wochenschau 83/1958

Schlange vor Kiosken, um billige Lebensmittel in Dänemark zu kaufen. Butter wird ausgewogen. (6 m) 06. Konstanz: Billigeres Brot aus der Schweiz Bäcker nimmt Brot aus Regal und verkauft es. Zollbeamter kontrolliert an der deutsch-schweizerischen Grenze. (7
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Hochschule, Herd der Unruhe was wollen die Studenten?

pictures. Photo: Wilhelm von Humboldt transformer. Photo: Kalr Heinrich Becker (reform politicians after the 1st World War) construction pictures Konstanz: Waldemar Bessem (Department of political science) gives interview on reforms of higher education
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UFA-Dabei 788/1971

. Man operated switch. Swivel screen. Various settings of the exhibition. 03. Studio mirror: "Cap'n ' n Roughneck from St. Pauli" with Curd Jürgens Konstanz: Curd Jürgens with flowers in the arm pushes through crowd. Get aboard a floor ocean
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Deutschlandspiegel 266/1976

by people. (115 m) 03. portrait of Constance and Constance look by lifebuoy harbour of Konstanz at Lake Constance. Bottom lake steamer. Costume group. Palm trees. Modern apartment buildings. Medieval buildings and half-timbered houses. Pan Bodensee
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