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Welt im Film 3/1945

Lattre de Tassigny, France, signed. Lüneburg: Crowd on the road announcing the surrender. 02. Military Government: German looting of stuff from abandoned houses. Dress bundle carried from homes. U.S. soldiers with "Notice". Weapons, watches and cameras
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Welt im Film 105/1947

1st Duke in Germany Duke of Gloucester will be greeted at the airport by General McCreery, half-close. Waving flags of the army of occupation on tall masts. Bear Hat soldiers outside tent in Lüneburg. Table with cups for horse show. English officers
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Welt im Film 152/1948

circus belli on an own farm near Lüneburg paused. The large operating rests while in this time, but the many small obligations of the circus people go on even in this idyllic place. Training and rehabilitation is the solution – both is needed to keep the
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Welt im Film 202/1949

prepared. Dust removal of giant animals. Jaw of a giant whale. Urwelttier. Skull of a three horn. (30 m) c. Oberdorf: breeding of karakul sheep flock of sheep. Small Karakul from breeding by Karakulschafen and German wool sheep. (27 m) 03 Lüneburg: joint
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Welt im Film 252/1950

. (28 m) b. fall of Ostmark people West bureaux after the decline of the Ostmark. East Berliners lugging bags and travel goods on handcarts. (15 m) 04 Lüneburg celebrates cityscape Lüneburg Johann Sebastian Bach, totally. Streets with old houses
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 285/1955

m) 04 Lüneburg: the Duke of Edinburgh visited his regiment of Philip front walks off. Military band plays. Philip decreases took salute and inspected tanks. (20 m) 05 Morocco: reception of the new French General resident Gilbert Grandval Grandval
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 348/1956

service. Remove the protective cover by German emblems. Aerobatics by U.S. relay. Contrails. 07. 1000 years of Lüneburg - visit of the Greek Royal couple of the houses of the old town of Lüneburg. King Paul and Queen Friederike emerge from House
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UFA-Wochenschau 88/1958

Townsend in the public eye after returning from a trip around the world is Peter Townsend umdrängt by reporters and rises in car. (6 m) 07 Lüneburg: Princess Margaret visited her regiment from aircraft E [...] R the Queens flight increases Princess Margaret
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 427/1958

Philip. Beatrix laughing, great. Bringing out the TOST. Elizabeth and Philip go aboard the Britannia. Fireworks. (27 m) 03. Lüneburg: Princess Margaret visited her Regiment breakdown from UFA 88/7 - here shorter: out of plane E II R the Quées flight
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 533/1960

Elizabeth next to de Gaulle, behind Prince Philipp's arrival. Close-up of Queen Elizabeth. Entering the Royal Lodge. Fireworks. (62 m) 04 Lüneburg: the 1st day of new recruits train arriving at station. Front of the station, the young men will be greeted by
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UFA-Wochenschau 219/1960

international match Poland - Germany in Lüneburg, installation of shot put, long jump and Javelin throw. 100 m: kick start line, finish, winning picture. Winner Halina Richter / Poland, 3. Jutta Heine. 80 m hurdles: start, finish line in slow motion, winning
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UFA-Wochenschau 266/1961

:05:14 10:05:36) 06 Pony-and show jumping in Lüneburg, children in Indian costumes at a screening with ponies and covered wagon. "Prize of the city of Lüneburg": Herbert Meyer, "Teja", Helga Köhler was two jumps and a chute, ride of the second with "DOM
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 801/1965

on opponents. People from houses in Schutzunterkünkfte run in North Vietnam. Woman beats Gong as a warning against air attacks. Firing guns. Extinguishing fires. Anti-aircraft gun. Flying bomber. Debris from homes. 04. Grace Court Lüneburg carrier
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Deutschlandspiegel 402/1988

-controlled machines. Employees of customers in course and training to operate the machines as a customer service. Traub Teleservice can identify error sources via telephone. (55 m) 03 cityscape Lüneburg Lüneburg total. Timber-frame houses. Narrow pedestrian street
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