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UFA-Wochenschau 189/1960

: Princess Margaret Rose and her fiance for the first time of the public were in London. Together with the Queen Mother, they visited the Royal Opera Gala performances. Lahore: The Pakistan city Lahore President Ayub received the Shah of Persia and Empress
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 528/1960

Lahore, the main city of West Pakistan. They were welcomed by President Mohamed Ayub Khan. The young Empress visited a Girl Scout camp. A day later, a ceremonial body brought guests to the stadium in Lahore, where initially offered them an attractive
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Der Staatsbesuch in Pakistan

. Traffic COP gelt reg traffic. Bazar. The private plane of Ayub Khan rolls to start. Multan: Lubke visited built gas plant with German assistance. Wasserkasftwerk. Lahore: Mosque. Lübke slippers gets pulled over and visited a mosque. View from the minaret
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UFA-Dabei 611/1968

- acetate silk factory. Capital city of Islamabad. People work from Steinberg. Modern high-rise buildings. Donkeys carrying loads. Workers with hoes in the construction. Old companion in street. Street in Lahore. Handmade manufactured lathe and drill press
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