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Welt im Film 226/1949

colleges Landshut: students in the adult education. Teacher teaching the subject of art. Typewriter tutorial. Teacher writes English on the Blackboard. German lessons. Radio technology. (40 m) 06 exotic sport a. Bergisch Gladbach: great Indian Yoga. Indian
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Welt im Film 265/1950

Mayor of Rome the city brings congratulations. Cityscape. DOM. (34 m) 04 Soapbox young when setting forth its Soapbox. Weighing the Soapbox cars and drivers. (20 m) 5th Landshut wedding of Prince Landshut, total. Procession in historical costume. Heralds
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Welt im Bild 53/1953

01-Landshut wedding of Prince 1475 pageant. Children waving in the pageant. Marriage of Prince Georg of Bavaria and Princess Hedwig of Poland is celebrated. Knight in armour on horseback. Bride drives in a golden carriage. Groom on litter. Knight
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 242/1954

stone is not running in top form. Schottes rips hurdle. Dohen / France, WINS. 100 m run: start and run. It wins Heinz Fütterer. (31 m) 12. Landshut: German sand track Championship motorcycle riders on the track in the race. Winner of the sidecar class
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UFA-Wochenschau 55/1957

sealed in glass. Fungal root is introduced. Mushrooms grow in nutrient solution, are planted and harvested. 09. East Africa: tuna of Africans in the processing of tuna canned. Fishing for tuna fishing with a fishing rod. 10 Landshut: German Swimming
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 394/1957

gold. 80 m hurdles women: Jelesewa / USSR, WINS ahead of Gisela Köhler / DDR in 10.8 sec. 10. Landshut: German Swimming Championships 200 m breaststroke: start, turn. Viewers. In the final sprint, Klaus Bodinger WINS in same time before Norbert Rumpel
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UFA-Wochenschau 153/1959

distribute handout photo models. In conversation with the models of the Lower Saxony Minister-President Hinrich Kopf, family Minister Würmeling and federal labor Minister blank. (20 m) 04 Landshut wedding of princes parade through the city in medieval
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 648/1962

Aratame, James Mason. Christine Kaufmann James Stewart. -03 Landshut. Traditional "wedding of princes". -Firecrackers shot out Cannon, Church in the background, neighborhood church. 4 Festival participants in traditional costumes walk enlightening half
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UFA-Dabei 698/1969

crashes, he knocks it back down and ties him up the legs. 07. Landshut: ice hockey international match Germany - Sweden 1-7 multiple scenes, partly in ZL. 2 shots on goal to land in the German goal. Shot into the Swedish goal. German players. Funk in game
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