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Welt im Film 6/1945

island Ibotima" is inaugurated. Crowds. Night shots of lit streets of New York. Dome of the Capitol, Washington, (screen lit). Statue of liberty, illuminated (large). (59 m) 09 Milan celebrates its liberation Italian freedom fighters ride on trucks
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Welt im Film 7/1945

1st uprising in Prague house fronts. Street signs are torn down, thrown papers from Windows and burned with a swastika. English, American and Russian flags. German soldiers on roadblock. Soldier with rubber truncheons from behind. German soldiers[…]
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Welt im Film 8/1945

01 King Håkon returns to Norway warships. The Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Trygve Lie and other ministers left the ship. Jubilant reception in the port. Several warships at sea. On board a ship is King Hakon, waving. Boats are[…]
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Welt im Film 13/1945

unpredictable debris. Burnt out giant Hall. Same card "Milan". To see barely a house in the debris fields. Map of Japan. White arrow points to Kobe. Planes with rotating propellers. (Close-up of a propeller). Start. Several aircraft flying in the clouds. Mass
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Welt im Film 157/1948

service. (20 m) b. Vienna: Guest performance by Bruno Walter Bruno Walter going down stairs, half-close. He is greeted warmly. Close-up of Bruno Walter. (12 m) 03 Milan and his fair Milan city pictures. The station square with the marble building of the
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Welt im Film 158/1948

1 Munich: Corpus Christi procession 1948 parade through the town. Fahnenträgerinnen. Christ on the cross. Archbishop Cardinal Dr. Faulhaber reads the 1 Gospel on Marienplatz. Move with spiritual and worldly dignitaries. Priests dressed as fair.[…]
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Welt im Film 297/1951

Western Ambassadors." McCloy and diplomats at the meeting table, half-close. 04. Milan: 50th death anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi a horse-drawn carriage, big wheels. Illuminated window behind balcony. Curtain is pulled. Verdi on deathbed. Unchanged
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Welt im Film 301/1951

Captain driving in a row. (8 m) g. Milan: World Championship in figure skating Ria Baran-Paul Falk at Kürlauf. You are world champion. Spectators cheering. Baran-Falk with winner loop at award ceremony. Train station of Düsseldorf. People on the station
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Welt im Film 320/1951

oil fields. Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadeq, great. Oil lines to be closed. International Court of Justice in the Hague is in session. US Ambassador Harriman in Tehran, half-close. Aerial photographs of the oil fields. (38 m) 03 Milan: trade unions
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 110/1952

package Ernst Reuter presented the 1,000,000 Carepaket of a refugee family. 08 Milan: Refractory dress fabric fabric held over burning candle and does not burn. Two women are facing the fireplace. Long skirt catches fire. 09 England: pancake race run
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Welt im Bild 3/1952

. (19 m) 13th Milan: European Boxing Championships in the lightweight Division: Ray Famechon / France beat Emilio Marconi / Italy, after the Boxer in the ring. Referee separates. Among the spectators of Gregory Peck, great. Famechon is superior boxing
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 149/1952

, which dropped munitions on parachutes. 07. Milan: Famous men as puppets Milan with home-made puppets. Arturo Toscanini, Picasso, Truman, Robert Schuman, Toscanini conducted. Eisenhower, Churchill, de Gasperi. 08 fashion Madame Sciaparelli on the
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Welt im Bild 24/1952

gift packages are the children. (20 m) 09 Milan: trotting the Nations Grand Prix race with start car. Spectator looks through binoculars. Traber in the race. Watch. Large. Down the stretch, hit song and c. kidney, France lead the American horse. Both
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 167/1953

. Rocket driven by escort and Lands on parachutes. (14 m) 06. Berlin: bear children bear looks cave. Bear Quadruplets groping. Little bear climbs walls. People in front of cage. Mother bear is carefully about their children. (18 m) 07 Milan: music school
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Welt im Bild 53/1953

comes with the bridegroom of the Church. People waving from balconies. The bride and groom. 09 Milan: Brazilian Ballet colored men and women dance Macumba. Hands drumming on drums. Curtain closes. 10 Berlin: Cities-swimming competition Berlin
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Welt im Bild 59/1953

iron curtain. A total will be 10 000 Protestant Christians from the eastern zone with their brothers and sisters in Hamburg. The atom on the palette the fallout of the nuclear age in the modern painting showed a A lot noticed exhibition in Milan. He
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Welt im Bild 88/1954

speeds doll carriage mounted on. Jet-driven test sled racing with over 100 km/h on the test track. Test drive at the time under the microscope. Braking with big smoke. 06. Milan: Bebop competition Italy - France dance couple dances bebop. Outerwear
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Welt im Bild 89/1954

01 Washington: Assassination of Puerto Rican nationalists on the House of representatives of of injured of a member of is carried to the ambulance on stretcher. Puerto Rican nationalists on deputies have shot from the stands. Shots in seating and[…]
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Welt im Bild 110/1954

particularly large and filled ears. 08 Milan: Manufacture of plaster busts on face is plaster applied and removed after drying. Young pretty model, besides plaster bust. 09 Denmark: Outpatient clinic for animals vet car drives. Sick duck is treated and saved
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 230/1954

Director. Lil Dagover receives award for best supporting actress. Camera man Hans Ertl receives honorable withdrawal. (18 m) 04. Milan: homecoming Arturo Toscanini Arturo Toscanini comes down stairs and embraced and welcomed. The Solano intends to spend the
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