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UFA-Dabei 684/1969

golden eggs". 05. cornerstone station Mindelheim crawlers in the levelling of terrain. Earth is loaded with construction vehicles on truck. Road roller, great. Document of the laying of the foundation stone. Daniels speaks interview at groundbreaking
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UFA-Dabei 685/1969

01 powerboat race in Holland this sport - hunting of the week. Image: Starter. Motor boats on Lake Sneeker. Driver of boat and tries to stimulate defective motor. Racing boats side by side flying over the water. Cornering winner by Maanen boat No.[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 192/1970

by the 84-jährigen painter in Hamburg. Moving words, Oskar Kokoschka thanks all those who made possible the production of this unique tapestries through generous donations. 08 in Mindelheim, a medieval town in the Allgäu is the workshop of the
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