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Welt im Film 89/1947

1st car Conference of the two economic zone in Minden in the snow by gate. Occupation soldier greets with hand on the CAP. Officers get out of car. General Robertson and Deputy General Clay, General Keating, sit in the hearing room at a table and
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Welt im Film 91/1947

. General Marshall, great. (21 m) b. Dr. Victor Agartz Dr. Victor Agartz, head of the two zone economic Office in Minden, sits down at his desk and talks big, o-ton: "a first step towards the restoration of economic unity is the Association of the British
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Welt im Film 197/1949

jumper Sepp Bradl, Austria, jumps. Sepp Weiler jumps new Hill record: 102 m. Sepp Weiler, half-close. (23 m) 05. streiflichter from Germany a. Minden: Reconstruction of the Mittellandkanal bridge destroyed bridge. Reconstruction work on the Weser bridge
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 30/1950

dances before the Cathedral. (25 m) 03 Minden: Schützenfest Schützenkönig receives Crown and continues in carriage in parade through the town. Pointman is out front of the shooters. (31 m) 4 New York: demonstration against Korea war street battles between
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Welt im Film 361/1952

1st command changes in the NATO armed forces in Minden: Eisenhower immediately, half-close. Eisenhower is to Grandstand and decreases parade of British troops. English Marines marching. Close up of General Ridgway succeeded Eisenhower as Supreme
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