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Welt im Film 15/1945

increase in freight trains and railway wagons for the ride home. Red Cross car ill get to train. Packages will be invited. Warm farewell and waving from a train window. Munich. Yugoslavs, Italians and Greeks gather in the detention centres and are sprayed
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Welt im Film 23/1945

1st Munich - glockenspiel turns again Munich town hall tower. Swing down. Front of the Town Hall. People on the Town Hall square. Crane during reconstruction work. Rotating figure dance of the Carillon. The tournament and the Safi dance. Panoramic
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Welt im Film 24/1945

on her arm. Pageant in Algiers. The mounted guard. (45 m) 11 Bayern - newspaper founded in Munich the Munich Town Hall. The Commander of the message and control function Colonel MacMahon speaks to the editors of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The
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Welt im Film 25/1945

in Tokyo. Emperor Hirohito visited destruction and studied a map. Doctors treat patients. General Tojo Gets a blood transfusion. General Tojo on the hospital bed asleep. The blood transfusion device size. (69 m) 03 Munich - opening of the sign board
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Welt im Film 26/1945

signing of the surrender document is Instead of. The Japanese flag down to the mast. Waving American flag on the mast. (32 m) 03 Munich - Exchange Centre for all and all plate exchange Central Office. People jostle in the entrance. Shoes, a violin and
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Welt im Film 30/1945

total. Sign Studio A. broadcast in the dark with speakers, half total. Broadcasting house in Munich, facade, half total. Sign Studio with two lamps, totally. A worker working on a pipe in a crumbled wall. A pianist plays between props and masonry blocks
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Welt im Film 35/1946

driving on the road (total). (23 m) 04. "Keep clear unexploded bomb" bombs failure sign. English soldiers dig the bomb out of the Earth in a deep shaft (total). (24 m) 5th Munich - again circus Krone circus tent in the building. Topping-out ceremony
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Welt im Film 39/1946

total). The participants sit at round tables. Conference in Munich: the Bavarian Roßhaupter Minister of labor speaks (half total). (48 m) 06. UNO - for world peace meeting at the Albert Hall in London (total), field marshal Alexander, as Chairman (half
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Welt im Film 41/1946

01 industrial building chimney with caption "Dunlop" next to a crane (half total). Workers at machines in the production of tyres (half total). Workers roll (half total) tyres to the camp. Bicycle tires (total). In Munich, the company Metzler
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Welt im Film 42/1946

the lectern (half total). The American delegation leader of Stettinius (half total) goes to the lectern. Secretary-General Trygve Lie speaks (half total). The participants raise at the end. (34 m) 04. Munich - cleansing law signed the Deputy American
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Welt im Film 43/1946

authority, in Munich. All urgent returnees problems - lifestyle, the profession, the disability care, etc. - were discussed. The most important results of the Conference have been forwarded in the form of practical proposals to the military Government. 02
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Welt im Film 46/1946

State of the train Guide (total). (32 m) 08 sports (43 m) a. wheel - circuit races in Munich starting cyclists in Munich (half total). People along the roadsides (total). "Start", band, race through the city (total). Viewers from debris of houses and in
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Welt im Film 49/1946

Krone time something else: dressage and artistry on the stage - this news offered circus Krone at a reception of American newspaper publisher in Munich. It has staked a bear this wheel. (Nicole errant bear). As a conclusion: A special allocation for
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Welt im Film 50/1946

ground next to a ship (total). Bavaria statue in Munich (half total). Cityscape of Munich (half total). Church of our Lady (half total). Spring Festival with rides, pirate ship and many people (total). The pirate ship (large). The Ferris wheel (half total
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Welt im Film 51/1946

). Young people play accordion (half total). Children on the swings and the slide in planned and Bale (half total). Grünwald near Munich. Men wear a maypole (half total). The maypole is erected. Pan of the Maypole (large). Band marches (total). Relocation
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Welt im Film 54/1946

01 Germany (US zone) - 40 cities choose shield "1946 local elections" (large). People go into a polling station in Frankfurt (total). People with umbrellas (total). A man carries a man on the shoulder to the choice of (total). Debris road in Munich
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Welt im Film 55/1946

packages (half total). President Truman speaks (interview) (half total). Truck driving (total) with wheat. Wheat loading in ships (total and large). (49 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany (145 m) a. export patterns show in Munich preparations for the export
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Welt im Film 56/1946

(total). At dinner (half total) in the dining room. Men in the cones (half total). The cones fall (total). (33 m) b. instrument collection of the city of Munich instruments from a truck in Munich in a House carried (total). A timpani (large), violins in a
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Welt im Film 57/1946

floor exercises, on the punching ball and in the training fight (half-total). Face Billy Conn (half total). (31 m) 04 Munich - case Scholl: 1 meeting room (half total) saying Chamber judgment. The defendant, the former Porter of the University of Munich
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Welt im Film 59/1946

01 American press visit in Germany running a plane (half total). General Müller welcomes American journalists at the airport in Munich (total). The journalists in an exhibition (total). Map of Bavaria (total). Camera (large) with sign "World in the
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