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Welt im Film 74/1946

. (32 m) b. Holstein: from military training area arable land is farm with horse-drawn carriage. Farmer plowing. Harvest grain car. Women during the potato harvest. The potatoes will be paid on a car. Glass works on the station of Neumünster. Workers at
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 6/1950

lower Saxon refugee Minister Heinrich Albertz at the border. Turnpike opens. Refugees with luggage beyond the border. Albertz welcomes old woman. (32 m) 5th Neumünster: foundation stone laid for Hans of Böckler settlement Hans Böckler at the lectern
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Welt im Film 249/1950

01 updates soon a. Friedland: refugees from the Eastern German regions ethnic Germans from Poland go across the border. Train of settlers. Registration in the camp. Faces of refugees, large. (25 m) b. Neumünster: groundbreaking ceremony of a refugee
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Welt im Film 250/1950

1st State visit by President Auriol in England Auriol stands at the railing of the ship and greets British warship with hat. Auriol is Mme Auriol and Schumann on ship, half-close. Sailors present rifle. Auriol goes with the Duke of Glouchester[…]
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Welt im Film 251/1950

01 updates soon a. Berlin: American toy for German kids toys are packed in boxes. Scooters, dolls. Toys on the table. General Taylor, US Commander of Berlin, speaks at ceremony, half close to the original sound. "We want the children to play with[…]
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Welt im Film 275/1950

from Germany a. Kiel and Neumünster: ERP houses shield: ERP keel construction, construction of 198 apartments. Construction workers in construction. The ridge of the roof. Topping-out ceremony of the Hans Böcklersiedlung in Neumünster. (21 m) b. Census
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 113/1952

1 Munich: fashion show Schulze-Varell three star mannequins models perform. Beach suit with large soft floor-length linen cloak. Beach ensemble with a wide skirt. An elegant hat with wide flower borders. Garbo line 1925: ¾ long tight skirt around[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 114/1952

River Thames in the snowstorm. The leading Cambridge boat is obtained from Oxford shortly before the finish. Oxford WINS by a small margin. Exhausted rowers in the boat after the race. 11 Neumünster: Light heavyweight boxing: will Hoepner defeated Alber
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Welt im Bild 128/1954

officers inspected guard. Haltern am see: trained In the Seehof Heinz Neuhaus. Table tennis game. Jumping rope. Training fight with Don Ellis. 10 Neumünster: Boxing Hein ten Hoff - Robert / Belgium shock Exchange data with Very much A lot smaller Robert
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 271/1955

players after the game. (50 m) 10. Neumünster: heavyweight boxing: Heinz defeated Francesco Cavicchi / Italy, mental / Germany by K.O. Cavicchi violent attacks and superior boxing style. Mental box awkwardly and tries to cling. In the third round, must
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 317/1956

German air force officers 3 German Luftwaffe officers together with British officers in the theoretical lessons. The 3 German officers go to the exercise machines. Flight of the future flight instructor. 05. Neumünster: 70 km hike of the cat Mohr home
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UFA-Wochenschau 187/1960

) England: motorized bed alarm clock ringing. Two men lie in bed, wake up, stuck steering wheel on the device and go in the bed in the Office. (12 m) 09 Neumünster: ice sailing sailboats on the frozen lake of input fields. Sailing boats in the race (180 km
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 678/1963

smiling, close. Large crowd prevented views awards ceremony. 09th Neumünster. Ice sailing. -Ice yachts start their ice yachts with start-up, soloseat. close. Div. once of individual sailors, close, A few detail shots, including control skids, driver close
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Deutschlandspiegel 276/1977

01 Leverkusen model driving consumption on modern road. Modern cityscape. People on the escalator. Modern architecture and buildings from the turn of the century. Pan of the city, totally, the Town Hall in the center of rotation. Water games[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 275/1977

. Aldershot at London: ceremony of the British parachutist badge on soldiers of the Bundeswehr. Parachute jump from the Zeppelin. Landing. Neumünster: American, Danish and German officers before map in NATO maneuvers. Tank driving. Camouflaged cannon is set
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Deutschlandspiegel 320/1981

01. Neumünster: Deutsche Meisterschaften im 25 km Langlauf Spaziergänger und Jogging-Mädchen in Park. Jugendliche bei Ballspiel auf Wiese. Massenstart zum 25 km Langlauf. Hund (Boxer) richtet sich an Zaun aufgeregt auf. Laufende Beine. Läuferinnen.
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Deutschlandspiegel 338/1982

01. the new Federal Government Bundestag session. Bundestag President stücklen actuality: "With 'Yes' voted 256 deputies" clapping and cheering in the ranks of the CDU deputies. Under the first Congratulators Helmut Schmidt, who congratulated the[…]
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