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Welt im Film 4/1945

. Plane lands US on ship. Hunter ends up in the sea. Crash landing on carriers. Burning plane. 06. three Nations celebrate the victory of Neustadt: former Russian foreign workers celebrate may 1. Onslaught. Russian soldiers give US flowers. Distribution
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Welt im Film 230/1949

Germany a. autumn flock of sheep in the Lüneburg Heath. Children come home from school and looking at evidence. Children can fly kites. Potato harvest. (30 m) b. Neustadt: largest Bell in the world Bell in the Foundry of the Bochumer Association. Saying is
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Welt im Film 257/1950

. Finally, once again a beautiful, touching family scene. 04 the Bavarian Football Association conducts short courses for the Club and schoolchildren children of football for some time. Here, the famous Munich back Jakob Streitle in Neustadt are theoretical
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 36/1950

m) 5th Innsbruck: dog hunting dogs be kept on leash. Miniature Schnauzer. Fox Terrier, Afghans, white poodle, Maltese dogs, Spitz, Boxer, English Bulldog, Chow Chow, greyhounds, African hairless dog. (26 m) 06. Neustadt: German wine Queen 1950 wine
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Welt im Film 299/1951

action against the referee. Throw over the ropes. Result: Draw. Darshana attacking bout after fighting in a bathrobe. (26 m) d. Neustadt: German championship in the competing Sun above the village. People go to the jump. The village from above. Sepp
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Welt im Film 361/1952

not be solved." People clap. Reuter in the audience, great. (25 m) d. Bonn: day of the Heuss forest at lectern, totally. Heuss planted in the courtyard garden of maple tree. (10 m) e. Neustadt: maritime border sailors carry flags Morse in groups
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Welt im Bild 210/1956

Beatrix her grandmother Wilhelmina Museum welcomes and settles between her parents, Juliana and Bernhard on Chair. It receives 2 valuable books from the 17th century as a gift from the city. 05. Neustadt: Transferring maritime border guard boats of the
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UFA-Wochenschau 158/1959

- parachuting skydivers jump from ju-52 and land in water. Company Commander ends up in the tree and must be freed by firefighters with ladder. (20 m) 11 Neustadt / Weinstraße: German Swimming Championships breakdown from NDW 497/7 - shorter here: diving
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 497/1959

training. Pas de deux with Helga Held and Egon Pinnau. Jose Udaeta Andalusian Gypsy dance dancing flamenco. Dore Hoyer / Hamburg dance improvisation. Walter Nicks / United States with jazz improvisation. (74 m) 07 Neustadt / Weinstraße: German Swimming
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UFA-Wochenschau 341/1963

cinema?", including l. + Safari (see narration). At the switch, close group of people. Seating and price scale, screen-filling. 02. animals in need a. Neustadt/Baltic Sea. Last refuge of wild birds in the ice-free port. -Feeding. -Cut-out port, v. water
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 759/1964

child. 03. fairy tale exhibition in Neustadt bei Coburg. Walkers. Hand throws a piece of money. In the fairytale Park, Münchhausen boots up on a ball. Walkers before the Witch's House. Hunting on horseback. Monkey turns on organ. Sleeping beauty and the
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