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UFA-Wochenschau 189/1960

Games. (10 m) 07. Hinterzarten: Reception for Georg Thoma after returning from the Olympic Games of Georg Thoma, winner in the Nordic combined, is welcomed. (10 m) 08 Oberstaufen: torchlight procession for Heidi Biebl torchlight procession. Heidi Biebl
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 528/1960

wreath is their Director in nurse dress. Oberstaufen transparent: Oberstaufen greets his Olympic champion. Torchlight procession. Heidi Biebl on shoulders supported. (In UFA: Heidi Biebl at dining table at home shows her medal.) Gold Medal, great
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 624/1962

clouds, screen, various settings 'Mounty' at the climbing of a wall, another on rolling out cable coil sitting, nah, man on cable about Gorge is lowered, likewise a basket with a wounded. Sports 09 Oberstaufen. Boarding school. Women's slalom
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 676/1963

helmet and runs away. -03 Oberstaufen. 1 alpine ski Championships d. season. Slalom of women's passages Barbi Hennebergers u. others, Marielle Goitschel on fast first pass, crashes falls Erika Netzer target time (2nd), run the winner Marianne Jahn, at the
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UFA-Wochenschau 337/1963

with veil. Smokes with a mannequin and A few talk big, smiling with each other and close. -Mr. hat with bow, large, which blows wearer film lighting & lamps, close. 07 in Oberstaufen. Boarding school. Ski Championships. -Hands check the inside of a
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UFA-Wochenschau 441/1965

running plane wheel. Skier runs in addition to aircraft, totally. Passengers on the plane sitting. Aerial photos of the Alps in the snow. Skiers to the ski lift. 04. Oberstaufen: women's ski race slalom runner total. Marielle Goitschel, half
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UFA-Dabei 755/1971

flute mouthpiece above song, various settings by him and his companions, guitar, drum, and Indian harp etc great. Then on snowball fight of his companions on Berliner Straße and walk. 5th International Women's ski race, Oberstaufen close, knitting a
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Deutschlandspiegel 197/1971

. Young man drinking grog glass. Driving record on the snow-covered banks over. Tractor drives past in fairway. Heater shovelling coal. Mannequins climb up ladder of the ship on the ice. Mannequins with fur coats on the river ice. 07 in Oberstaufen: women
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Deutschlandspiegel 198/1971

01 Cologne: Fotokina young men with cameras before the eyes in exhibition. Seller in conversation with customers at the person level. People see through cameras. Automatic tape device. Playback of image on screen. Wide conversion lens. Young girl[…]
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