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UFA-Dabei 730/1970

the railing, swing. Girl, big, at the wharf. Waving girl and the crew on board. Girls legs, swing upwards. "Wasp" in total at the end of. Traforückfahrt. 06. Opole / Poland: Festival of singing in the rain water cascades down plane. Downpour on stage
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UFA-Dabei 837/1972

with arrows. Basketball on wheelchairs. Clapping spectators in wheelchairs. Young spectator photographed, great. Wheelchair slalom driving. Participants from different countries (Japan and Spain). Award ceremony with medals. 02. Music Festival in Opole
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UFA-Dabei 862/1973

. Seating elements. (62 m) 03 Leon &: Opole: music from Poland jazz musicians. Ireen sheer sings. Various settings. It runs on the beach in ZL. (52 m) 04 Königssee: skeleton head, elbow and knee joints are armored. Skeleton experts tell about their sport
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