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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 134/1952

Neukölln. Day trippers on the Havel. Car and bike traffic in return by the Havel River in the city. Illuminated Kurfürstendamm in the evening. 04. Osaka: Flood flooded land. Collapsed houses. Men in salvage work. Weeping women. Coffins with drowned. 05
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UFA-Dabei 676/1969

. Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret, half-close. Queen Mother and Princess Anne. Charles pushes oath, original sound. Blow heralds. Elizabeth Kiss Charles. Castle towers. Clapping, screen-filling. Elizabeth and Charles come on balcony. 05. Osaka
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UFA-Dabei 716/1970

Riemann, badges, large. Price at Wolfgang Eckhart for technology and Rolf Dürr for math. 05. Osaka: Expo several settings cityscapes of Osaka. Crowds at the exhibition grounds with the pavilions of different Nations. Propelled cable car, monorail
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UFA-Dabei 721/1970

1st Osaka Expo 70, 2nd report of Gustav Heinemann, large, original sound. Long shot of the terrain, driving shots on the spherical German Pavilion past. Traforanfahrten on various Japanese faces. Escalators, in the middle of a plastic (face). Close
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Deutschlandspiegel 190/1970

kilometres per hour, he wins all three races. 02. "The German daily" EXPO 70 in Osaka will be opened by President Heinemann. Thousands of German and foreign visitors see the special events that are performed on this occasion in the German Pavilion "Gardens
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