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Welt im Film 6/1945

Crown Prince OLAF in Oslo. Proceeds from front of the honor guard. Scottish pipe band and British soldiers parading. OLAF on speaker's podium (total). (23 m) 03. Cologne city of rubble, in the background the silhouette of the Cathedral. Ruins of houses
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Welt im Film 7/1945

1st uprising in Prague house fronts. Street signs are torn down, thrown papers from Windows and burned with a swastika. English, American and Russian flags. German soldiers on roadblock. Soldier with rubber truncheons from behind. German soldiers[…]
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Welt im Film 8/1945

01 King Håkon returns to Norway warships. The Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Trygve Lie and other ministers left the ship. Jubilant reception in the port. Several warships at sea. On board a ship is King Hakon, waving. Boats are[…]
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Welt im Film 13/1945

01 band parade by King Hakon Allied troops marching. A child gives a soldier a bouquet of flowers. Parading troops and armoured vehicles. King Hakon stands in the District of more in the gallery. Marching soldiers, laterally great. Flower tank[…]
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Welt im Film 15/1945

wheels, great. Map of the Pontine marshes. Water in channels. Motor boats on the Canal. Farmers carry furniture in a House. In the distance, an oxen plough runs. (51 m) 7th foreign workers on the train station in Oslo are Russian foreign workers and
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Welt im Film 17/1945

moved. A train leaves. He goes over a bridge. (97 m) 07 Oslo: help for Norway port of Oslo. The ship Montevideo brings food. Sacks are unloaded by cranes. Two boys to watch. Sugar and coffee sacks are placed in a storeroom and transported on carts. (40 m
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Welt im Film 18/1945

01 explosion accident in the port of Oslo ship debris. The fire removes with water pipes. Explosions. Cleaning-up operations in the port. Dead recovered. A charred corpse lies in ruins. German soldiers go to the shipment in the home. Debris sites in
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Welt im Film 20/1945

the Preparatory Committee of the United Nations. The Chairman, the representative of China, doctor Wellington Chu. The representatives of the Nations seated at tables. (19 m) 04. Oslo: Quisling to death sentenced a prisoner wagon drives above. Quisling
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Welt im Film 68/1946

field athletes in Oslo King Hakoon the grandstand enters, half-close. The spectators in the stands clapping. Invasion of the English team with flag. The teams in the stadium, total. Kick-off of the starter. 100 m run men: Winner: John Archer, England, 10
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Welt im Film 290/1950

.S. tanks and troops go on road to break out of encirclement. Tent camp. Soldiers sleep under blankets in the snow. Wounded carried on wearing to transport aircraft. Planes drop construction materials for bridge. (36 m) 03 updates soon a. Stockholm and Oslo
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 107/1952

farewell performance in Rockefeller Center. Pair skating. 14 Oslo: Vorolympischer report train is in the station. Participants of the Olympic Games on the platform at the exit of turn. The German team. Snow-covered houses in the Olympic village. Athletes in
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 108/1952

Carnival guard on the arm. Release date for the German drinking songs. Oslo: VI. 07. Winter Olympics Opening feed of the teams with cautious steps on the smooth ice of the Bislett Stadium. The team from Greece, United States, and Germany. Princess Ragnhild
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Welt im Film 351/1952

. Both hippos in the water. (19 m) 03 Oslo: the Winter Olympics 1st report: (Olympic fire, opening, two-woman bobsleigh, ice hockey, downhill ladies) cityscapes in Oslo. The Olympic torch ignited in Mountain ski veteran Sondre Norheim. Ski runners carry
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 109/1952

5,800 DM. 04. Poitiers: Marie Besnard the widow Marie Besnard's poison murder trial enters the courtroom. Close-up of the accused. 05. Oslo: VI. Olympics 1500 m speed skating: Hjaklis Andersen / Norway, at speed skating. Running English crashes
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Welt im Film 352/1952

be stored in big Halle. (24 m) 02 mad Kehraus parade in Munich, Mainz and Cologne. Funny cardboard heads, car, Jamal and peeling. (31 m) 03. Highlights of the Winter Olympics: the masters of Oslo 2. report: (slalom men's speed skating, slalom ladies
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 110/1952

Airdale. Skat game watching with wife and daughter, Airdale. Baby at the Bechstein piano playing the piano. Baby and wife Hannelore a toast with glasses. 03. Oslo: Wedding of Dagmar Rom and Günther Peis, journalist from Munich Dagmar Rom and Günther Peis
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Welt im Film 353/1952

flag of Heligoland are raised. (20 m) b. Bonn: housing exhibition of ERP shield housing exhibition of the Marshall plan. Houses and homes in the model at the exhibition. (18 m) 03 Olympic review a. Oslo: wedding Dagmar Rom with German journalists close
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Welt im Bild 47/1953

. Crowd in the Park. Ruprecht greets from balcony. 02. Oslo: Marriage of Princess Ragnhild of Norway with the shipowner Erling Lorentzen wedding guests: Princess Margaret Rose of England alongside Prince Bertil of Sweden, great. King Frederik and Queen
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 173/1953

01 Oslo: Marriage of Princess Ragnhild of Norway with the shipowner Erling Lorentzen wedding guests: Princess Margaret Rose of England, next to Prince Bertil of Sweden, great. King Frederik and Queen Ingrid of Denmark. In addition to her father
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Welt im Bild 48/1953

to the Danish Royal couple waving from the balcony. 06. Oslo. National youth groups with flags March past at the Palace. Small child in pageant. Children parade before the Royal family on the balcony of the Castle. Marching sailors. Turner go to the
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