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Welt im Film 52/1946

, Hans Spatzenegger (half total). Victor Zoller goes between two military policemen to the shelter of the cell (total). (78 m) 6th Osnabrück - Berlin - City children again go home farmhouse (total). Children climb on a horse-drawn carriage (total
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Welt im Film 150/1948

01 updates soon a. Osnabrück: Montgomery visited the British army landing military aircraft. Montgomery gets out of plane and is greeted by Sir Brian Robertson, half-close. Montgomery, great. Montgomery welcomes officers, total. (11 m) b. Antarctica
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Welt im Bild 10/1952

. (25 m) 13 Osnabrück: football VL Osnabrück - Concordia Hamburg 3:2 young viewers, serious, big. Attack of Concordia. Flank and shot on goal 1: Clap 0 spectators. Osnabrück storms. Shot on goal goes wrong, margin leads to the 1:1 screaming spectators
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Welt im Bild 19/1952

sitting on the floor and falls over backwards. Referee counts. Neuhaus runs coal crushers. Viewers gets Bravo. Neuhaus is killed wreath. (34 m) 11 Osnabrück: VFL Osnabrück - 3:4 HSV HSV storms. Viewers with thicker glasses excited puffs on cigar. HSV
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 305/1955

01 Osnabrück: Death of the Bains, senior of the German episcopate Archbishop painting with portrait of Archbishop Berning. Coffin is carried to cars to the funeral in the Cathedral. In the funeral procession the Cardinals Wendel and Frings, the
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 843/1966

, screen-filling. Anonymous on bullfighting after recovery. Amateurs fighting bulls in the arena. Dinner invitation at the Bullfighter. Spanish dances. Cordobes laughing dances with older Spanish. 07. Osnabrück: table tennis international match Germany
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UFA-Wochenschau 504/1966

goes. 07. Osnabrück: table tennis international match Germany - Japan title: ping pong artist - image: table tennis player. Men's individual: Eberhard SCHÖLER plays against the Japanese champion Hasegawa. Level 18:17 long ball exchanges. Audience
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UFA-Dabei 1047/1976

the Museum. Tour of the Museum and of the equipment on 120 years of wood and iron. A modern Mercedes convertible. 03. Germany: Inter-company training centres two men check a TV. Girl cuts the hair of a man. Carpentry workshop. Osnabrück city
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Deutschlandspiegel 261/1976

. Memory exhibition for the inventor of Nicolaus August Otto four-stroke engine. Commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery. Pan across Fairgrounds. Heading at the top of the giant crane in gondola. (51 m) 5th Osnabrück: an educational center with inter
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