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UFA-Wochenschau 507/1966

umbrellas. People go with umbrellas to the Church. Lines of cars on the highway with headlights on both carriageways. Lines of cars at entrance on Highway. Athletes at the Easter run in Paderborn. Bulk box. Run older men in uniform. Crowds of travellers on
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UFA-Dabei 640/1968

. Mass onslaught. (20 m) 03 Paderborn: Ferris wheel title: this news - notes at the time, image: Ferris wheel revolves. People Pack bulbs from boxes. Screwing the bulb. Baptism of the Ferris wheel with champagne. Champagne bottle shatters. Ferris wheel
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UFA-Dabei 693/1969

the leg will be continued. Weeping people, ZL. Man runs with child in her arms. Street clock shows 9,14 pm. Multiple panning shots of ruined houses. Tank for space work. Dead are recovered and carried away on stretchers. 02. Paderborn: Princess Anne
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UFA-Dabei 764/1971

is discussed by Of course of all, because everyone here has heard and as now everyone sexually respond to things, I can't say." Applauding prisoners. 02. Paderborn: Krupp Airdome road section Road, Traforückfahrt, landscape, road construction. Pan by
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Deutschlandspiegel 322/1981

. Industrial landscape, coal yard, blast furnace flame. (51 m) 6th-Paderborn: gliding World Cup aerial view of glider in Meadow lying. Glider is launched. Review of S / W on the gliding after the war. The two-time world champion in the open class George Lee
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Deutschlandspiegel 364/1985

fashion shoots in coat. Joop on his desk with designs for Meissen porcelain. Drawing Joop fashion with signature. (57 m) 02 Paderborn: Nixdorf computer for the world market of glass facades of office buildings. Employees write on computers. Nixdorf
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