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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 302/1955

boxer of the better condition, so that he has point advantages at the end of the fight after 12 rounds. Brackets. Referee separates. Gerhard Hecht with laurel wreath next to Heinz Neuhaus. (35 m) 09 Pardubice: steeplechase (quite falls and cruel) horses
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UFA-Wochenschau 13/1956

. Batanga dancer is dancing with short skirt. 9 horse racing from Pardubice breakdown from NDW 352 / 9 horses skip trench. Falls, jump over a hedge. 2 horses fall into the ditch behind the hedge. Skip wall. Galloping across a field. Jump over wide moat and
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 352/1956

. Viewers filling picture. Shortly after that 2-0 scoring. Russia storms and shoots a goal. Viewers jump. Lap of honour of the French. 9 skip horses trench horse racing from Pardubice. Falls, jump over a hedge. 2 horses fall into the ditch behind the hedge
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 457/1958

. (23 m) 09 Pardubice: steeple Chase obstacle race start. Falling obstacle. Riding on wall with trench behind it. Skipping and jumping into water-filled moat, epigraph hockey Liptov / USSR WINS as in the previous year. Lap of honour of the winner. (21 m
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 562/1960

's leg, another jumps a man and defended his master, a third is a "thief" who had fled up a tree. Shepherd head large. Report of the 70th steeplechase in Pardubice, which is notorious for its many falls from (41.4 m = 1:27 min) 10 Pardubice steeplechase
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 613/1961

leg on House wall. 05. sport. Pardubice steeplechase 13 d. best racehorses of Eastern Europe over 6900 m. - falling behind wall, Transfokator-ride approach to s. Rider Aufrappelnden and horse, traversing and plop in the water-filled moat. Winner
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 770/1964

does relaxation exercises after the run. Abebe Bikila on the podium with the gold medal, he raises both hands. 04. Pardubice steeplechase. Grooms lead horses in the district. Racing pub likum. Start of the obstacle race of Pardubice. Jump over
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UFA-Wochenschau 535/1966

. Viewers call, great. Shot on goal for Braunschweig, ZL. Old man with Hat scratching the head. Shot on goal for Dortmund. Viewers raise arms, full-screen. Mascot bear with football dress Braunschweig. 05. Pardubice steeplechase horses at the cyclo
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 883/1966

Review - Germany, your sports spectators filling picture. Viewers swivel HSV flags. Faces of spectators, great. Bayer. Girl with long hair. Man with a paper hat. Man with a shrugging face. Man with Cap. Football with Uwe Seeler. Spectators on race[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 925/1967

through the target and receives laurel wreath. 08th Pardubice: Horse racing Auditorium, total. Race. Horses jump over obstacles. Jump and crash in ZL. Reiterlose horses in the race. Jockey crashes during jump, ZL. Jump over the moat. 2 horses plunge and
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1009/1969

Boutique of San Germain. Girls and men perform dancing hippie fashions. Mini skirt. Metal head jewelry. Flower suit. Man with flowers suit. Bikini under the Cape. Hippy Grandma look. Grandma with a flower hat and Hippie dress. 05. Pardubice: motorcycle
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UFA-Dabei 743/1970

. Gerd Müller in ZL shoots it 1-1. 08th Czechoslovakia: Pardubice steeplechase launch and tracking the rider. Riders take hedge, several crashes. Men help a fallen horse on the legs. Individual riders ride one at a time on taxis ditch. Mass crack and
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