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Welt im Film 112/1947

pulled to the boat. (32 m) 03 Passau: the largest church organ in the world aerial view of Passau. The Cathedral. The Passau Cathedral, inside. Organist plays the organ. Dome of the Cathedral and organ. The largest and smallest pipe of organ. Game of the
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Welt im Film 226/1949

Passau - Linz Danube ship drives. People waving from the shore. Reunion of residents from Germany and Austria. Hugs and kisses. Goodbye. Wines. Steamer sets. (28 m) c. Büsum: racing the shrimp shrimp at race to the sea. People waving from the boat
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 32/1950

01 Passau: German Catholic day 1950 cityscape Passau. Move over people at the final rally, totally, with umbrella. Adenauer speaking, half-close. Interview: "my dear meeting! We're going against a Very much serious and Very much serious time. We
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Welt im Bild 123/1954

to tree. 08 Frankfurt: dance tournament of amateur winner dance of winner Hegemann / Chamberlain, Bremen. Master couple dancing Foxtrot. 9 Passau. German indoor cycling Championships bicycle Polo ladies: RSV Straubing - Spielvereinigung Hemelingen 3
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Welt im Bild 189/1956

vessels To try to make the ship afloat. (e) Hamburg: Return of fishing boats from the Northern Sea of frozen fish steamer arriving in Hamburg's Harbour. Thick icicles on the superstructure. Thick ice layer will be cut off. (f) Passau: the water, which is
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 521/1960

parts of banks and ships float in the water. (17 m) 04. Amsterdam: levee breach caused flooding disaster flooded suburban Oostzaan. People wading in the water. People will be evacuated on truck. Ducks and chickens in boat. (21 m) 5th Passau: ice breakers
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Deutschlandspiegel 270/1977

before oral vaccine polio. Parents take their children to the Impfanstalt. Waiting room. Sisters write off disembark. Toddlers and infants at the oral polio vaccine. Liquid is beeway in mouth, big. (46 m) 04 portrait Passau 3 fish as a symbol of the city
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Deutschlandspiegel 397/1987

history - and: we will need always also the consent of our neighbors." (158 m) 02 Passau: Passau total Youth Music Festival. Close-up of young singers. Dance on the market. Street trumpeter. Folk dances. Poster: Festive days which 1987 choir sings European
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