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Welt im Film 222/1949

fishing tuna in the sea. Look through the mask on tuna. Fishing with nets. Tuna are taken on board. (18 m) c. Arezzo: equestrian rider riding against figure and hit them with the Lance. The winner. (10 m) 7th peine: German Schwimmeisterschaften 1949
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 347/1956

to traffic. Cutting of the Ribbon by officials from Bavaria and Czechoslovakia. 05. peine: breeding examination go for hunting dogs Hunter and dog by field. Hunting dogs detect prey and fetch. Duck hunting in the water. Dogs do the ducks in water
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UFA-Dabei 613/1968

technique: be name phantom image: landing jet fighter. He puts on his helmet. Phantom rolls to the runway with 2 open pulpits: 2 phantom start machines and fly. (29 m) 03 peine: interview with the mother of the bomber b title: this policy: topic of the week
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