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Welt im Film 87/1947

. (30 m) b. skiing in the Pyrenees, snow-covered firs. Men at the downhill skiing in the Pyrenees, partly through trees throughout. (25 m) c. Chinese small Chinese prodigy plays piano. His sister sitting next to him. Face of the boys at the game, great
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UFA-Wochenschau 21/1956

, Germany. People look out of Windows. Midnight mass in Spain - nuns at worship in the monastery in Brittany. Mother with newborn. Old woman in the bed. Italian Christmas tradition with singing and ritual. Shepherds in the Pyrenees bless the bread. Lambs at
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 498/1959

the city of Paris and trip in the Pyrenees. Man sunning himself on the Bank of the Seine. Champs Elysées with little traffic. Many people in Montmartre. Air taxi flies to fishing Lake in the Pyrenees. (30 m) 07. Cape Canaveral: launch of a Thor III
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UFA-Dabei 994/1975

and heathland burned down. This flight school: fly in the mountains SAILLAGOUSE, a sleepy place in the Pyrenees, senses more recently a little by the scent of the big wide world. Whether intentionally or unintentionally want, not. Because the
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