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Welt im Film 171/1948

. Mountain rescue teams controlled the climbers. (25 m) 04. sports in the film - 5 German championships a. Rheydt: German swim - Championships German Schwimmeisterschaften: Starter start flag. Start jumping. Dolphin men. Turn. Spectators, half-close. It wins
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Welt im Bild 99/1954

Rheydt: 50 year celebration of the butcher gesellenvereins moving the butcher journeyman. Oxen in the pageant. Pig in cage. Decorated car. 08 plane leaves French parachutist. Bounce 5 parachute. Group jump. Open the parachutes until shortly before
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Deutschlandspiegel 404/1988

maker, bath, music system, hairdryer, table tennis racquets, game. Ball falls into case. (55 m) 04 Rheydt: the sharpest of all blades - blacksmith's art axis blacksmith's art axis turn damask blade, elastic and sharp. Artist blacksmith at work. Iron
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Deutschlandspiegel 405/1988

01 Hannover Messe Hannover Fair balloon. Amount of visitors. Clock is 20 minutes before 9 Mercedes star. Exhibition Hall of Krupp. Construction machinery. Agriculture machines. Solar gas station. VARTA exhibition Flash. Discussion with adolescent[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 418/1989

01 food: Theatre new building - Aalto - Musiktheater Theatre rock ballet "Empty spaces - empty spaces" rehearsing new music theatre. Choreographer Heidrun Schwaarz. Stage from above. Staircase. Stagecraft. Pan theater. (50 m) 02. NATO Summit in[…]
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