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Welt im Film 304/1951

-filling. Roast piglet on the spit. Dances. (17 m) c. Rhodesia: new Chief introduces British Government officials and Bantu Negro at the ceremony. The new Chief. Negro dance. (21 m) 05 sport a. Koblenz: TUS Neuendorf - Austria Vienna 2:3 playback. Goalkeeper fends
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 464/1958

, leather mountain and the Russians Americans Cherenkov, Frank and Tamm. Among those present the Swedish princesses. Swedish Princess dancing to banquet with student. (34 m) 03 Rhodesia: the taming of the Zambezi River by the Kariba Dam of Kariba Dam under
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 574/1961

reception for Queen Elizabeth in India. Prasad on the airport, Queen and Prince Philip standing waving on the gangway, greeting Prasad with Nehru, ride through the streets, cheering people. 04. Rhodesia. Gold rush. Gold mine, Negro and white at work, cage
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 823/1965

engine. 03. Golden screen for "Police station David guard" onlookers before the David guard. Cops, big. The film awards "Golden screen". The Davids guard. Thick, big spectator. Award of the prize to Jürgen Roland. 04. Wilson in Rhodesia Wilson
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 825/1965

in California. Traffic cross. Very good road pictures. 04. opening of Parliament take riders escort in London with Queen Elizabeth in England Royal family. Queen Elizabeth waving from the body. 05 coup d ' état in Rhodesia white going on the road
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 826/1965

Minister Stewart, half close immediately. Schröder - Stewart, half close handshake. Flash lights. 03. threatened economics demonstrate crisis in Rhodesia - mineral oil embargo students in Kenya against a white minority Rhodesian Government. Parade of
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 829/1965

waving standing out of moving car. Gomulka lays down wreath. 05. boycott of African countries against Rhodesia - British protection for Zambia Emperor Haile Selassie upon arrival to the Conference of African States going up stairs to the Africa Hall semi
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UFA-Dabei 980/1975

art. Picasso 2500 years ago: a face from the front, and at the same time in the profile. This policy: 10 years of Rhodesia the Idyll at the waterhole peacefulness, the tribal dances in the native village promises satisfaction. But the pictures show
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