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UFA-Dabei 615/1968

is connected. Fires on the road. (21 m) 02 Rolandseck: Kunstpreis for Professor Hans Richter Rolandseck station. Professor Richter, half-close. Modern painting, abstract. Motion effects. State Secretary Diehl speaks at ceremony actuality: "the first
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UFA-Dabei 673/1969

1 Hamburg: Riots, Asher Ben Nathan in panel discussion with policy - El Fatah in Hamburg, image: demonstrations. Protesters with loudspeakers. Asher Ben Nathan, immediately upon arrival, half-close. Ben Nathan tried discussion opening on the[…]
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UFA-Dabei 674/1969

the House in time lapse. 04. Bonn: Gala Festival to the rescue of the Rolandseck station in society - station art, image: old railway station. Old derelict Rolandseck station from the Wilhelminian era. Young people in the train station. Young people
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Deutschlandspiegel 207/1971

exhibition in Rolandseck station from Africa railway station building Rolandseck. Settings of the structure. Row of columns. Young African woman sitting on the bench on the platform. Train arriving at the station. Facade of the building, swing. View
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