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Welt im Film 138/1948

parents arrived in Hiroshima to life. Aerial view of the destroyed city. 1945. rebuilt neighborhoods. Hirohito, great. (25 m) c. From King Michael, King Michael of Romania would like to thank on reception. Michael and his mother Helene salute officers
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 857/1966

, half close, half-close. Crowds on the street, beckoning. De Gaulle speaks of balcony, total. 04. Choo en Lai in Romania rotorcraft aircraft. Choo en Lai comes out of plane and is greeted with a hug and kiss. He walks up front by the Finland. Wagon
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UFA-Wochenschau 549/1967

01 Bonn: Visit of the Romanian Foreign Minister Manescu - Romania today title: partner of tomorrow, image: Manescu rises from aircraft. Manescu rises from aircraft. Brandt welcomes Manescu actuality: "Mr Foreign Minister, it is me a pleasant duty to
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 892/1967

. Poland: New diagnostics in medicine by excess sound radiation patient is under irradiation device. Doctors radiate and look at recording image. 04. Romania: morphine cartridges facilitate game count man looks through binoculars, great. Wild runs through
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 902/1967

long tables with beer mugs. Man beats Gong. Man snorted out of Tinder. Young woman sniffed. Sneezing. Viewers cheer. Young woman sneezes. 05. Romania: Surgery for bone marrow infections schema of the blood circulation of the people. Drawings of
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 924/1967

girl. Workers at truck unloading by heating body. Of the worker with light shoes, big feet. Radiator fall laborers on the foot. Worker screams. Men with plaster feet walk around to Jerschke: "... because for me you are correct." 05. Romania: ostrich
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on floor going big, from the front. Brandt in Romania Brandt goes down stairs. Shaking hands. Session. In addition to Foreign Minister Manescu. Lübke in Paris (Palais Beauharnais) the new German Embassy in Palais Beauharnais. Wehner at the Palais
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 940/1968

in Gallery artists with small mechanical figure. Any small figure mimics human response. Moving spider legs. Small animal pulls throat. Cock fight. 06. Romania: rabbit hunting before of rising sun hunters go in a row. Hunters in the snow field. Wild
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 953/1968

wears makeup is, great. Makeup before mirror. Applying eyelashes. Photo models at work. Photographer photographed on the road and in the Studio. Girl poses in front of the camera. 04. Romania: Operation with lung transplant surgery team during the
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 956/1968

01 de Gaulle in Romania de Gaulle is standing in the car waving, totally. People waving flags. De Gaulle shaking hands in front of people. De Gaulle visited industrial plant. De Gaulle shakes the hand of workers. De Gaulle on balcony next to
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UFA-Dabei 618/1968

1st riots and strikes in Paris title: it currently: hour of the rebels, image: Daniel Cohn Bendit German students and Cohn Bendit on the Franco German border near Saarbrücken. Close-up of Cohn Bendit, who want to force illegal border crossing.[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 967/1968

have autograph. Dance on the street. 04. country Romania Beach on the Black Sea coast. Modern hotel building. Small bungalows. Full beach. Bathers. Rheumatism bath Elforie. Performance of the dancers in a nightclub. Cabaret. Vacationers at tables
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1002/1969

square. Laundry hangs in a narrow alley. Long shot of the city on the shore. 06. Romania: Schlager Festival in Brasov city. Flags. Singer bows on the stage in the Ballroom. Ballroom with total audience. Sound mixer to mixer. Actuality and forth dancing
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1007/1969

adjustable focus. The inventor still hiding details. He's afraid of plagiarism. In Romania, it is now working on the first major film projects with the Transtrav. Only after completion you can decide whether the invention is more than a Flash in the pan of
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1019/1969

01 Nixon in Romania breakdown from UFA 680 / 1 - same section. While currently, notes at the time - image: Nixon shaking hands by population. Nixon waving crosses crowd. US flags. Motorcade. Cameraman swings with camera. People run on sides of long
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UFA-Dabei 680/1969

01 Nixon in Romania while currently, notes at the time - image: Nixon shaking hands by population. Nixon waving crosses crowd. US flags. Motorcade. Cameraman swings with camera. People run on sides of long road to the Center. Driving record by
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UFA-Dabei 724/1970

01 Romania: floods aerial photographs of the flooding area. Driving scenes on the roofs of sunken houses passing by. Three men on a raft. Industries under water. Men sweep the mud of a road with Reisigbesen. Locals in clean-up work. Wife caresses
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UFA-Dabei 774/1971

water. Young people in the Sports Club. 03. Romania: State visit President Heinemann in Romania Bucharest: trip Hamed through the streets standing in the car with Ceaucescu, escorted by motorcycles. Driving shots of crowds temporarily. Heinemann beckons
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