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Welt im Film 172/1948

representatives. Hands are lifted up for vote. (26 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany a. Rosenheim and Nuremberg: repair and construction of freight wagons Rosenheim and Nuremberg: repair and construction of freight wagons - workers of the company iron industry for
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Welt im Film 225/1949

. travellers grocery vans with loudspeakers drive through deserted neighborhoods. Women buy on shopping cart. (25 m) 5th Rosenheim: When Bruno Gröning comes bus drives. Child in wheelchair. Child is carried on stretcher. Crowd in front of House. Newspaper page
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 342/1956

Forest: Adenauer and son walking on the Buhler height in the rain. Tegernsee: On the terrace of his house with his wife sitting Erhard and reads newspaper. Panoramic view over the Lake. Rosenheim: Finance Minister Schäffer is located on deck chair and
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Deutschlandspiegel 354/1984

record: Domino shifting in Nuremberg giant paintings on the floor made of dominoes, built in 31 days from 280,000 dominoes fall over. (26 m) 6th cityscapes Rosenheim city gate and old town houses. Total of Rosenheim. Timber sawmill. Building logs are
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Deutschlandspiegel 359/1984

01. the new Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker before the Bundestag Bundestag President Rainer Barzel the vote Announces actuality: "for Mr Richard von Weizsäcker 832 votes" MPs rise from their seats and clap. Von Weizsäcker is congratulated[…]
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