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UFA-Wochenschau 311/1962

a boatman family over, half-close. -Adenauer with accompaniment in street of Rouen, provides children and their mother hand, close, sometimes applauding people on sidewalk (A few policemen before that), Adenauer in the profile, carefully a gentleman
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Zwei Völker versöhnen sich

Gaulle and Adenauer. Band playing the "triumphal March from AIDA. Parisian traffic at night. Rouen: cityscapes, Adenauer leaves waving in an open car. Recorded inside and outside the Cathedral. Adenauer in the Cathedral. The portal, great. People clap
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UFA-Wochenschau 511/1966

01 Adenauer in Israel title: this week - image: Adenauer's wreath-laying ceremony. Adenauer resigns wreath at the grave of Chaim Olenka's. Adenauer receives an honorary doctor of the Weizmann Institute. Adenauer at the lectern, half-close. Police[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 850/1966

Tilkowski, goalkeeper. Police push back people. Reinhard Libuda, great. People umdrängen Emmerich and hero. The Cup in the hands of a player of who held high. 05. Rouen: motorboat racing motor boats on the Seine. Exit of the French Le Clerc in the boat No
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 963/1968

approaching storm. 08 Rouen: start racing race the formula I cars to the "Grand Prix of France". Race car on the track. In curve. Jo Schlesser / France, goes on Honda. Car flings. Huge explosion flame on the race track. Cars drive past flame. Fire deletes
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UFA-Dabei 624/1968

squadron aerobatic red arrows. People look up. Flight with contrails. (29 m) 02 Rouen: formula I race cars to the "Grand Prix of France" start the race car. Race car on the track. Jo Schlesser flings on Honda. Giant explosion flame on the race track. Race
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