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Welt im Film 178/1948

wine fountain on the market place. Dance. (70 m) 04. Clay and Robertson in the Ruhr area of smoking chimneys. Clay and Robertson get out of car. Meeting with experts of the Ruhr mining. Clay speaks, says Robertson, half-close. Industry works. Clay and
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Welt im Film 184/1948

01 Truman in Washington Truman waves upon arrival with Hat, half-close. Crowd. Truman waving when driving through the city in an open car. Truman get on plane ride on vacation to Florida. (18 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany a. forest[…]
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Welt im Film 197/1949

, jump out of the sheep. White settlers To give instructions. Natives, that's great. Natives in sheep. (33 m) 03 Ruhr area: performance curve increases smoking chimneys. Headframe. Miners in the mining of coal. Map of the Ruhr area. The Ruhr industrial
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 365/1957

1 elections in Poland Warsaw city pictures. Election posters. People go to the polling station. Gomulka in election. People choose. Victory for the Communist Party with Gomułka. 02. people without a home in nursing home in Varel live old refugees[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 775/1964

with Pflsnzenöl (large) 06 group 61, workers poet, Ruhr. Man crosses Street at miner apartments over, alone. Mine blast furnaces and industrial plants. Headframe. Feet beyond paving. Smoke over the plant. Industries of the Ruhr. Max van der green
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UFA-Wochenschau 572/1967

01 Ruhrfestspiele 1967 title: art on the Ruhr, image: moving coal train. Winding towers. Additional people at Festival, from above. Ruhr landscape. Rising young people. Continuous winding Tower, great. Young people in theatre. Scenes from the
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Deutschlandspiegel 322/1981

Magic Mountain" in the Studio with the American actor Rod Steiger as "Mynher peer Nugget". (88 m) 5th profession: miner industrial landscape of the Ruhr. Headframe. Houses of a small miner's village. Miner leaves his house. Hans Georg Hirschfelder goes
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Deutschlandspiegel 346/1983

01 Economic Summit in Williamsburg stock exchange operating in the Hamburg stock exchange with course selections of stockbrokers. Quotes on board. Labour Office in Hamburg. Door opens. Job seekers walk in the courtyard and the building. Summit[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 344/1983

library reading and library books. Kindergarten of the Institute. Man washes in kitchen. Mrs Pack bags in bedroom. Man with luggage on the airport escalator. Departure of Pan am from right to left in the image. (54 m) 06. The Ruhr River with barges in the
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Deutschlandspiegel 352/1984

01 West Berlin: integration of young foreigners foreign young people go on Court and play football. Turkish schoolchildren in schoolyard. Teacher teaching Turkish children in the Turkish language. Vocational education Centre Youth Village Berlin.[…]
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