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Welt im Film 29/1945

of banks, destroyed House, half total. (32 m) 04 Salzburg - puppets speak English sign Salzburg marionette theatre-filling image. Puppet performance in English, O tone: "Mozart at the Court of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria." Hands with puppet
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Welt im Film 53/1946

m) b. Billiards world champion Lanputt at the billiards table (total). He pushes the balls into a hat and long series of balls along, meets high ball and catches it. (17 m) c. Veterinary Clinic Salzburg waiting room in a Salzburg animal clinic. A
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Welt im Film 63/1946

platform train. Shield: Arlberg Express. Helene Thimig rises out of the train, half-close. She will be greeted by actors of the Salzburg Festival and receives a bouquet of flowers. Her brothers Hermann Thimig, Hans Thimig, half-close. Ewald Balser, half
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Welt im Film 64/1946

: Heidemarie Hatheyer in the afraid. And as a final surprise: Gustav Fröhlich in his latest role as an elephant trainer. 05. Festival: "Anyone" in the Cathedral square at the Salzburg Domplatz as a highlight of this year's Festival the performance of Hugo von
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Welt im Film 70/1946

. Descent from the wall with Verunglücktem on the back. Arrive at the vehicle. (52 m) 04 updates soon (81 m) a. Frieda Richard died bell rings. Coffin is carried to the cemetery in Salzburg. Mourners walk behind the coffin. The coffin is lowered into the pit
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Welt im Film 85/1947

Cross in Geneva, the Austrian and German Red Cross could send a gift move on prisoners of war in Yugoslavia. The packages are loaded in Salzburg – then by the Tauern train to the border station RAI. In Rai, the train is taken over by a delegation of the
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Welt im Film 90/1947

protective cover. Man leads horse. (35 m) b. Salzburg: Judo match Salzburg - Vienna Judo fighter on the mat, total. Spectators, half-close. Spectator claps, great. Judo fighter in the throws. Two champions in an exhibition match. Professor stain, Budapest
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Welt im Film 107/1947

front of the House. Young people in the tent. (17 m) 03 Salzburg: A mountain is preened workers go to the Mönchsberg. They are roped and dropped down the mountain. Take loose rock with tools. (36 m) 04. streiflichter from Germany a. Cologne: Corpus
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Welt im Film 115/1947

teaching Research Institute photo lessons. Teacher draws optical theorems on board. Pupils photo lessons. Recording in the Studio. Photos are retouched and examined. (33 m) 04 Salzburg Festival Salzburg City, total. Special Post Office of Austrian post
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Welt im Film 118/1947

back with camera on station. Newspaper report about the shooting. Merle Oberon and Paul Lukas before the Reichstag building in Berlin. Close-up. The Brandenburg Gate, great. (29 m) 02. Salzburg: University Leopoldskron Schloß Leopoldskron, great
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Welt im Film 169/1948

's to day is earnestly rationale, that the Western powers shall stay in Berlin." American Super fortresses land on new bases in England. Rolling out Super fortress. (90 m) 02 Salzburg Festival Salzburg, 1948, total, cityscape. Monument to Mozart
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Welt im Film 270/1950

grounds at the radio tower Ernst Reuter immediately, half-close. General Taylor laid the Foundation to the George Marshall Pavilion. Women build, scooping. Crane. Construction site. (18 m) c. Salzburger Festspiele Salzburg, total. Monument to Mozart
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Welt im Film 271/1950

gets out of car, half-close. Heuss in conversation with the professors cock and Heisenberg. (9 m) 04th beautiful horses and brave people a. Salzburg: demonstration of the Spanish riding school Lipizzan stallions are presented in different Gaits. (18 m
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Welt im Film 281/1950

ceremony of the honorary doctorate from the University of Copenhagen. King Frederik, half-close. Churchill gives V character, great. (23 m) d. Salzburg: Farewell parade for General Keyes American troops parading at the airfield. General Keyes, High
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Welt im Film 284/1950

actuality. (45 m) 03 updates soon a. succession in Sweden King Gustav VI. King Gustav VI. waving from balconies, half-close. (13 m) b. Salzburg: arrival of the High Commissioner Walter Donelly Donelly in conversation, half-close. (10 m) c. Washington
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 67/1951

Hanau clock, lyre and bust of Goethe. (22 m) 5th Salzburg: Bergputzer Bergputzer knock loose rock from the rock walls on ropes. (19 m) 6th United States: Naval Aviation practice plane crash into the waters of frames go cabins in the water. Naval Aviation
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Welt im Film 312/1951

tanks and SUV with guns. Munich: air parade. Transport aircraft and jet fighters. Audience on U.S. airfield Neubiberg. Salzburg: Parade of U.S. troops. 04. curiosities from all over the world a. HAMELN: Pied Piper Pied Piper plays flute. As rats dressed
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 79/1951

01-Salzburger Festspiele Gustav basic Kalkan actor are directorial stage directions in performance of Shakespeare's "as you like it": Judith Holzmeister, Gustav Waldau, Solveig Thomas, Franz Böheim. Scene with Ewald Balser and Raoul Aslan. O-ton:[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 192/1953

. Susanne Erichsen introduces cocktail dress. Elfi Wildfeuer evening dress presents, with wide swinging skirt. Susanne Erichsen in white festive evening dress. Wedding dress. (32 m) 10 Salzburg: cattle market livestock dealer inspect the cattle. 3 handshakes
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Welt im Bild 83/1954

mud. Cars and houses are in the mud. 07. Salzburg: Feeding of chamois in snow feeds chamois confidential eating woman. Chuck offered with mouth is not taken. Chamois bites to coat of woman. 08 Cortina d Ampezzo ´: World Championship in the two-man at
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