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Welt im Film 113/1947

the mining of coal. Miners push Loren from Earth tunnel. Coal will be paid out of cage in wagons. (22 m) c. ornithological Scharhörn man goes through sand of the North Sea Island. Flock of birds. Seagull in the dune grass, great. Men see through
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 933/1967

cancels the suicide mission. Succeed in the third attempt at low tide. Through the maze of creeks in the Neuwerker Watt, the Greek crew reached the reef Scharhörn. The crew of a lost ship on the way to hide her little possessions and goods. Even the
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UFA-Dabei 650/1969

... Wait two Soviet tractor report ship grave Scharhörn, without help. Located 2 kilometres from them the "Nyandomsky", the last victim of the Scharhörn reef - an island in the Elbe estuary, feared by all seafarers as ship cemetery at Hamburg
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 989/1969

[...] Hamburg lies to down - involuntarily - a ship graveyard. Before the Elbe estuary, the Soviet cargo ship "Nyandomsky" was wrecked in these days. Tractors and cranes came too late: the ship broke up on the infamous Scharhörn reef in two parts
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