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Welt im Film 176/1948

to the finish line. Hilpert, Frankenthal, as the winner in the overall standings, with wreath, large. (37 m) b. Schweinfurt: Youth Sports Festival relay, high jump, skating girl, shot put, wrestling, Sprint girls. Winner receives a certificate. (24 m
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Welt im Film 224/1949

. Kick-off. Bavaria shoots 1:0-operated gate. Opening goal for Fürth. Goalkeeper keeps. c. Schweinfurt: Schweinfurt 05 - VFR Mannheim 2-1 shot on goal to Mannheim. 11 m. Mannheim WINS 2:1 (67 m) 04 Forrest Hills: tennis David Cup America - Australia men
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Deutschlandspiegel 343/1983

-by, original sound. Older Lady manifests itself to the program design. Cutting table. Copy of title to trick table. A final film after completing the Academy as exam work. (50 m) 05. Schweinfurt 1 bicycle crank is turned. Old bikes. The town of Schweinfurt
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