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UFA-Dabei 937/1974

, if we confuse the citizens or whether he is honest, I emphasize, honestly make clear limits and possibilities of the stability policy in our economic and social system in the global economic association." 02. Lake home: Lufthansa school Seeheim half
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El Mundo al Instante 619/1974

Reflejos del Mundo 01 Registrar Summerfestival 02 03 04 LH Seeheim school Tina fashion show hot-air balloon Vida Deportiva 05 Switzerland tour de Suisse
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Deutschlandspiegel 238/1974

Seeheim (Odenwald) young people go through the road of the small village Lake home with half timbered houses. Dark-skinned girls get off bus. Building of the training center for ground staff. Black and white at the front desk. Young man reads newspaper
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