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Welt im Film 329/1951

curtain with the D train to freedom. An adventurous chapter in the struggle for freedom of the people behind the iron curtain. This scheduled Prague D train, the locomotive driver and 24 Czech citizens over the border fled to Selb in Bavaria. At breakneck
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Welt im Film 333/1951

. For us, previous free elections in Berlin are the beginning of the achievement of German unity." (25 m) c. Selb: return of the Czech train train is available on platform. Czech officials at handover. Transfer of securities. Accompanying. Train over
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UFA-Wochenschau 586/1967

Botschafter Blankeney unterschreiben die Anleihe. Ablöschen des Schriftstückes. Händedruck. 05. Selb: Moderner Fabrikbau von Professor Gropius für Rosenthal Fliegender Hubschrauber. Erhard bei Ankunft zur Einweihung der modernen Fabrik, halbnah. Professor
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Deutschlandspiegel 194/1970

Gropius, the founder of the State Bauhaus in Weimar, Dessau later, and world-famous architect built a porcelain factory, which has become an object of study for architects from all over the world the functional aesthetics and organic unity in Selb in
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