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Welt im Film 16/1945

Japanese in Shanghai and Manchuria invade. Shooters in the city streets and fires. 1937: Shanghai is on fire. Older bombers. Fleeing people and deaths on the roads. The refugees flock to the international enclave, which will be sealed because of
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Welt im Film 43/1946

and dancing with the sisters. (42 m) 7th Shanghai celebrates Shanghai cityscape again. Busy roads (total). Victims of skidding in the temples (half total). Old dances and sword dance (total). Chinese roads (total). Baking pancakes on the road (half
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Welt im Film 44/1946

1st China - Tschiangkaischek Shanghai Tschiangkaischek and wife go (half total) on the stand of a racetrack. Tschiangkaischek speaks (total). Huge audience amount (total). Tschiangkaischek and women waving (total). (13 m) 02 Brunsbüttelkoog
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Welt im Film 76/1946

instruments, great. Volt meter. Turbines of the power station. The edertal dam and the Edersee, total. (43 m) 03 Shanghai today cityscapes Shanghai. Rickshaws and cars in the streets. Men pull cart with tree trunks. Modern Filmpalast. "Tarzan" movie posters
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Welt im Film 121/1947

Telford Taylor at the indictment, half-close. (21 m) b. Shanghai: return of Russian citizen ship at Pier is loaded with goods, big. Chimney with hammer and sickle, great. Emigrants with luggage. Chinese customs searched the luggage. Man and woman kiss
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Welt im Film 125/1947

1 Bremen: An anniversary of cotton cotton is loaded at the port in bales. Men take samples of the bales of cotton. The cotton Exchange in Bremen, outside and inside. Men check the quality of the cotton. The Bremen arms, large, carved in stone.[…]
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Welt im Film 160/1948

by Sarasate, piano accompanied, for the film of the world. (32 m) 04 pictures from all over the world a. Shanghai: Chinese Athletics Championships jostling at the entrance of the stadium. March teams, men and women. Long distance running. Pole vault
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Welt im Film 189/1949

Swiss hospital train. You waving from the window. Returning children from the Switzerland are interviewed. Interview: "I liked it Very good." (57 m) 2 updates in the near future as China: Europeans leaving Shanghai American troops in Tsingtao Europeans
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Welt im Film 206/1949

. Shanghai's cityscape. British warships with margin after bombardment. From train, get wounded British sailors and brought to ambulances. American civilians are going to ship. Chinese refugees move into a long train to the city. Clogged roads. (44 m) 03 news
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UFA-Wochenschau 174/1959

with Alexander Zawadski. (9 m 08) Shanghai - a history of 1870 was an insignificant city Shanghai. 1920 Shanghai the Paris of the far East. Rikschahläufer in the streets. Neon signs. Appearance of dancer in local. 1937-Japanese troops attacking the city
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