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Welt im Film 160/1948

per minute). (15 m) c. Hollywood: swimming lessons for year teacher teaches 3-year old children in swimming. Swimming competition of the children. You jump from the springboard. (29 m) 5th Sicily today folks at the lemon crop. Palm Grove. Rocky coast
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Welt im Film 171/1948

01 updates soon a. Frankfurt: Goethe Prize for Fritz von Unruh Mayor Kolb at the lectern, total. Kolb presenting the Fritz von Unruh, half-close. Fritz von Unruh at the lectern, half-close. (19 m) b. Göttingen: new Film Studio opening ceremony.[…]
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Welt im Film 222/1949

between Indians and trappers. Boy's torture. Old Shatterhand and Winnetou riding on ponies. Smoking the peace pipe. (42 m) 06. From the sunny South a. Spain: wild horses wild horses grazing in the pasture. Foal. Stallion fight. (18 m) b. Sicily: tuna
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Welt im Film 268/1950

superior. Among the spectators, Mrs. La Motta and Signora Mitri, great. In the 15. Round spurt by Mitri but La Motta remains point victory. Mitri with swollen eye, great. (29 m) 4th Sicily: the end of the Bandit Giuliano landscape of Sicily. Giuliano is
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Welt im Film 316/1951

". Interior Design. (14 m) d. Sicily: race of the planes sports plane. Pilots and pilots get out of aircraft. Flight. Aerial views of Mount Etna, the CAP and the city of Cefalù, Palermo. Winner kissed. (23 m) e. Pforzheim: inauguration of youth home youth in
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Welt im Film 318/1951

01 updates soon a. Frankfurt: Socialists - Congress meeting of delegates from 34 countries. Several speakers. Carlo Schmid, great. Schumacher speaks, great. Writing SPD on wall, great. Schumacher alongside Ollenhauer, total. (19 m) Munich:[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 92/1951

carrying crosses. Shield: Want to be also doing? Million damage. Zerbeultes car. (18 m) 6 oil firing in Zisterdorf near Vienna burning oil. Dense clouds of smoke. Burning Sea. Smoke screen. (15 m) 07 Sicily: flooding is hitting over wave at Surf picture
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Welt im Bild 40/1953

in front of chicken cages and plays. Chicken cage, large. Eat chickens in small cages. Eggs fall backwards and are collected. Chick in incubator. Easter egg is opened. Chick. 09th Sicily: car racing Grand Prix of Syracuse (formula II.) Start. Ascari
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 212/1954

out front of the stand. Combat units of the French Foreign Legion in the jungle. Armored vehicles driving through the area. Gunfire. (22 m) 5th Sicily: Santa Agata day procession headed the procession cars, representing the martyrdom of the Saints
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 269/1955

escape on truck. (19 m) 08 Sicily: landslide landslide endangered houses be cleared of people. People throw furniture and clothes out of the window and balcony. People wear furniture and flee. Houses on the edge of a precipice. (17 m) 09 Cologne: 202
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Welt im Bild 174/1955

group of the RV-Adler Neuwerk. (36 m) 09 Reutlingen: German Motocross Championship riders on more difficult route in hilly terrain. Motorcycle jumps. Winner Willi Oesterle on DKW receives wreath. (23 m) 10 Sicily: formula I racing - Targa Florio
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 300/1955

-special construction on bike with large translation cycle cyclist in the slipstream of car to new speed record, he has been on. With 160 km/h, the record is not broken. (19 m) 11 Sicily: formula I racing - Targa Florio sweep of the Targa Florio race as the last
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 603/1961

, West Berlin standing behind a barrier, transparent: "There is only a Germany" before West police, views of the Brandenburg Gate and East Berlin area. 02. Sicily: Etna spews back fire and lava. -Night shots of the eruption of Mount Etna lava masses, 2
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 939/1968

01 earthquake in Sicily pilots in cockpit. Aerial view of the earthquake area. Transport aircraft rolling off. Ceilings are unloaded. Torn-open crevasses. Debris. Rescue teams wearing helmets. Search for survivors in rubble with special equipment
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UFA-Dabei 600/1968

disc, great. Hamburg remand prison. (102 m) 3rd earthquake in Sicily title: this exclusive: SOS Sicilia, image: helpers with mouth protection faces of Sicilians, great. Debris. Helper with helmets. Workers search for survivors with special device in the
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