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Welt im Film 260/1950

) 03. England: Silverstone race cars on the track. Queen Elizabeth in the lodge. Rabbit runs through the circuit. Farina, Italy, Alfa Romeo WINS and receives a wreath. (28 m) 04 news from Germany a. Berlin: US donation for needy Berlin trucks with food
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Welt im Film 275/1950

. crash in turn. Viewer, screen-filling. Driver drives on gang. Georg Meier No. 1 on BMW leads Heiner Fleischmann, number eleven on NSU. Official flag. Georg Meier with wreath, large. (26 m) d. England: Silverstone race start. Race. Farina and Fangio on
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 67/1951

you Pont / United States. (21 m) 9th Silverstone: race cars on the track. Fall. Car flip over several times and stays with the wheels facing up. (21 m) 10 Nuremberg: football of 1 FC Nuremberg - Preußen Münster 1-2 goalie keeps. Crowds at the gate
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 77/1951

in extinguishing fire. Burning tanks. Clouds of smoke and flames. (15 m) 9 Hamburg: Soapbox race travels Soapbox of the Hamburg night blade. Race the Soapbox. Simple model. Winners from Berlin. (41 m) 10 Silverstone: Grand Prix England start the race
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Welt im Bild 108/1954

final Torchbearer runs Bannister, but a new world record is not achieved. Werner Lueg is as German as second finish. 10 England. Racing to the Silverstone Grand Prix start. At the top, Gonzales / Argentina before Fangio on Mercedes drives on Ferrari
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 234/1954

the winners with flowers. (25 m) 9 England: racing to the Silverstone Grand Prix start. At the top, Gonzales / Argentina before Fangio on Mercedes drives on Ferrari. Fangio driving with 1 hand, because he must hold the control lever due to failure of 2
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 277/1955

double: †Jared†/Pietrangeli, Italy, defeat the Buchholz/Hermann. Audience clapping. Italy WINS in four sets. (25 m) 10 England: Silverstone - race start. In the race no German car and Ferrari. Driver box. Fire crisis car. It defeats Peter Collins on
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Welt im Bild 212/1956

gymnastics: Heinz Schnepp turns. Pommel horse: Adalbert Dan Hat turns. Bars: It turns Helmut Bantz. Stretching: Adalbert Dan Hat turns. Winner will be in the twelve fight Helmut Bantz. 11 Silverstone race start. Stirling Moss on Maserati leads before Collins
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 558/1960

: plush jacket, evening dress, polka dot dress with a large scarf, 2 ensembles dress and coat, baby dolls and harem pants. (37 m = 01:18) 07. Silverstone race car race in the pouring rain. Drivers increases with umbrella in his car, start, curves, cars
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