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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 549/1960

in Sofia. In the vicinity of Moscow, Czechs, French, and Russians met for a final target jump review. This hard and dangerous sport, jumped in the 2,000 m has become popular among women. The sporting challenge and others, to land as close as possible
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UFA-Wochenschau 287/1962

, close to 2 settings, with the rocket launcher. 03. the ex-monarch Sofia. -Military parades, parade armor, party demonstration, Communist leader in stands with flower bouquets, Holy Cross (Russian orthodox), upright, large. Vevey/Switzerland. Margarita
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 712/1963

. Anisur Rahman. exotic. Bird on ground that s. spreads wings, short. S, comes with head scarf and sunglasses close in the picture. 05. Sofia. Visit the V. Tereschkoway. -T. speaks before Assembly, close (no sound), jg. Officer neb. her, smiling, side
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 967/1968

. Bernhard filming, great. Amsberg and Willem Alexander, great. 02. Sofia: World Youth Festival flag group marches. Beckoning youth groups. Viet Nam posters in German language. Costume groups. Demonstration of folk dances. Mass gymnastics by women and men
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UFA-Dabei 628/1968

. Marine officers watched through binoculars. DD drives from the rear of the ship. DD goes ashore. Fixed a bug by speedboat with foaming bow wave. DD runs in rear of warship. Tail joins. (18 m) 03 Sofia: World Youth Games bulk move. Banners for peace in
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