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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 825/1965

makes headlines. On the Elbe meadows of the freighter "Gertrud Lührs" far from the fairway is Stade washed away after the anchor chain was broken. Despite the storm, she dared attempt cargo to comply with the delivery date for their 2 million deutsche
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Deutschlandspiegel 216/1972

. 02. Stade: nuclear power plant construction of the nuclear power plant on the river Elbe. Inside of the reactor. Technician goes through lock. Escape routes marked with arrows. Technicians go through door. Man weighs in on scale. Central control
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Deutschlandspiegel 231/1973

engines in cars. Oil rig. Nuclear reactor, Stade. Bundestag session: Adoption of the law on the security of energy supply at risk or disruption of imports of mineral oil or natural gas. Vote on the energy security act by Freigekauft Richard Jäger: "I beg
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