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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 695/1963

, supervisory v. Palace of half close to State car under escort at entrance through gate, total. 02. Stalingrad. Visit Fidel Castro. -Gr. Stadium m. full. Grandstands & the words forming Viva Cuba mass formation, half total. Athletes on the field, with rose
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 858/1966

grenades. Machine gunner. Radio operator. Do the troops. 02. de Gaulle in the USSR (Volgograd final communiqué) cityscape Stalingrad. Ruins. Carved gigantic images of war, in stone. De Gaulle resigns wreath. Visit the largest European plant. Salmon and
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UFA-Wochenschau 519/1966

01 de Gaulle in the USSR (Volgograd Leningrad-final Conference) title: this week - image: walls of Stalingrad. Giant sculptures in stone carved to commemorate the battle of Stalingrad. De Gaulle, grüßend, in addition to Russian General and Kosygin
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UFA-Wochenschau 588/1967

expect a certain hardness partially also the persons concerned without an order in the transport sector as a whole. We have sure but that no lives are at risk and that social hardship as far as possible be avoided." 02. Stalingrad: Inauguration of
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