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Welt im Film 355/1952

. Balloons are allowed with messages fly at the zone boundary. (23 m) b. Straubing: Czech border policemen refugees the border policemen report to the press about her life in the Czech Republic. (13 m) 03. streiflichter from Germany a. Berlin: Fox on the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 221/1954

because of better goal difference of the preludes. (46 m) 11 Straubing: Motocross start the motorcycle rider. Riding over rough terrain. Mountain - and downhill, jump riders with their motorcycles. Fall. Ride uphill and downhill. Official flag. Winner with
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UFA-Wochenschau 145/1959

) 10 Straubing: Sandbahnrennen start. Motorcycle racing on wet ground. Viewers with umbrellas. Mud fountains splash. Falls. Winner receives European champion Josef Hofmeister laurel wreath. (20 m) 11 France: Jean Sunny sets world record in driving on 2
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 963/1968

. Straubing: water ski lift of young starts with round water ski board behind lift. Water skier starts and drives to lift. Water skier turns to lift. Young girl is at home in the water. Runners and runner fall into the water. Bathers walk to parking at the
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