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Welt im Film 221/1949

t Hoover before US flag. Children in Stuttgart with school meals. Albert Bassermann on Sylt Albert Bassermann (17 m) c. goes with his wife over dunes. Bassermann, great. Mrs Bassermann, great. (14 m) 2nd Hong Kong: the breakthrough of amethyst Pan moving
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Welt im Film 321/1951

peaks in the background. Waves wash on the beach of Sylt. Beach chairs on the beach. Bathers. Little girl in the water. Children bathe. Demonstration of swimwear. One-piece swimsuits. Gull flies. Cameraman from old time photographed swimwear from the
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Welt im Film 358/1952

trade vessel Allobrogia pan across the ship. Naming. Swiss merchant ship runs from the stack. (13 m) e. Sylt: international youth meeting young people in discussion about common issues. Young people go on the island, walk over the dunes and the beach
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UFA-Dabei 636/1968

lenses, are turning. (54 m) 5th Thomas Fritsch on Sylt title: this music summer's end on Sylt, image: Thomas Fritsch is located in the sand with my hat to the face. Thomas Fritsch is located in the sand. He emerges from the water. He sits in the Café at
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UFA-Dabei 896/1973

are unloaded from the containers. (67 m) 04 Sylt: Windsurfing championships on the equipment of Sylt consists of plastic Board, sword, mast and sails. Balancing close-ups of a man on board. Many wind surfers ride. (54 m)
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Deutschlandspiegel 231/1973

you and him. 05. windsurfing - European Championships in Sylt windsurfing driver balanced Board with sail. Beach of Sylt. The equipment consists of plastic Board, sword, mast and sails. Sportsman climbs on board and heaves up the sail. 127 windsurfers
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UFA-Dabei 945/1974

Stein. Excerpts from 'Sonny boys"with Martin Held and Bernhard Minetti. 04. Sylt: windsurfing Championships preparations on the beach. Exercises before the start. Girls also take part in the competition. Wind surfing equipment flipped to. Participants
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Deutschlandspiegel 241/1974

site, the subobjects of the sculpture are assembled. While they are tuned the urban and landscape environment. Perhaps this is the reason why according to the Berlin always fits Volkmar Haase's city plastic. Before the North Sea Island of Sylt, they
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Deutschlandspiegel 310/1980

01 Wind surf (see 241/5 D) athletes carry sails and boards to the water. Attach the sail to the Board. Pulling out of the rudder. Start with colorful sails. Balancing on the Board in the wind. Surfing for two on tandem Board with 2 sails. Athletes[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 308/1980

1st portrait of Ingrid Matthäus Ingrid Matthäus in the FDP election in North Rhine-Westphalia. She speaks to passersby under FDP tent. Matthew o-ton: "on May 11. Choose North Rhine-Westphalia, about whether the Federal Council is occupied 2/3 of[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 351/1983

procession. Graves. Angel statue. Buses and cars run. Ducks on the Lake. Burial. Different areas of the cemetery and visitors. (59 m) 07 Sylt: hang glider "Flying lawn mower" mount Dragon. Propeller is started. Start. Spectators on the beach look up. Aerial
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Deutschlandspiegel 375/1985

the screening of men's fashion. Designer. Meeting of the production programme. (56 m) 06 Sylt: Surf World Cup surfers on the beach bring boards and sails to the water. Favorite Robby Nash from Hawai'i gives autographs. Spectators on the beach. Start in
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Deutschlandspiegel 394/1987

01. by the Admiral to the America's Cup - the "Twelver" coming man's voice 4-3-2-1-0 start of the qualifying races for the Admiralcup, the offshore sailing team World Championship. The island of Heligoland. Houses of the island. Offshore yacht[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 389/1987

01 Düsseldorf-Igedo fashion trade fair before large poster do 150 mannequins in long series. Mannequins in groups on a wide catwalk in front and back. Long wide coats and jackets. Close long slit skirts. Broad shoulders in jackets. Leisure look.[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 398/1987

hot-air burners. Inflating balloons. Pilots in the cabin. Start of the balloons. Balloons in the sky. Landing. Basket cabin grinds above ground. Advertisement: Yankee tissue. (57 m) 08 US-Sylt: American surf champion Robby Naish surfers with colorful
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Deutschlandspiegel 420/1989

industry. Drug manufacturing. Health education smoking endangers health. Pregnancy advice. Cancer screening. Aidsuntersuchung. Salvage cars. Blue light in the traffic. (84 m) 04 Sylt: flying lawn mower - kite flying hang-glider is assembled. Two
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