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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 32/1950

dismantled to unload and rolled away. Start of transport aircraft. (16 m) 07. New York: arrival of the passenger ship Liberté the Liberté (formerly Europe of North German Lloyd) upon arrival in New York. (12 m) 08 Tübingen: German art Gymnastics Championships
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Welt im Film 275/1950

, filling the screen. Australia wins. The Australian team behind Cup. (24 m) b. Tübingen: German artistic gymnastics Championships jump of a Turner of longitudinal horse. Irma Walther Dumbsky, Nuremberg, winner in the eight fight, turns on the parallel bars
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 98/1951

(Freiburg) and 1806-1945 map of 1945-1951, with the States of Württemberg-Baden (Stuttgart) South Württemberg-Hohenzollern (Tübingen). Cityscape Stuttgart, station square. The State Ministry. Prime Minister Reinhold Maier of Württemberg-Baden speaks with hat
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 111/1952

Federal Council Hinrich head with gun during a walk through the Woods in the hunt. Head rises on high chair. Rauhaardackel. Head shoots. Hinrich Kopf in a Heath Kate playing Skat actuality. 03. Tübingen: Death by Federal Minister Eberhard Wilermuth (FDP
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Welt im Bild 13/1952

". Close-up of Gottfried Benn in Berlin Walter Jens "The blind man" and "No". Walter Jens and woman look at images for his new work "Forgotten faces" in their apartment in Tübingen. Friedrich Sieburg "Our best years" and "What never stops" Friedrich Sieburg
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Welt im Bild 127/1954

congratulatory telegrams. Close-up of Churchill. 03. Tübingen: honorary doctorate for Herber Hoover Herbert Hoover is managed in the Aula of the University. Awarding an honorary doctorate to the initiator of the welfare for Germany. Hoover at the lectern. 04
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UFA-Dabei 947/1974

: Gromyko in Bonn Cologne-Bonn airport. Gromyko and Genscher shake hands. Both, large, close. Go into Federal Border Guard helicopter. Helicopter flies away. Helmut Schmidt sitting at the table, Gromyko, Genscher. 03. Tübingen: German Arab music group with
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Deutschlandspiegel 241/1974

. Reconstruction of the carburetor. Measurement of the exhaust gas is less rash than for gasoline. Performance comparison. Two cars driving side by side at the same speed. 03. Tübingen: German Arab week get hands on drum. The houses of the old town of Tübingen.
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Deutschlandspiegel 254/1975

01 25 Berliner festwochen scene sample mare nostrum. Harpist, great. Shield: 25 Berliner festwochen September 6 - October 1. Welcoming of guests. Man embraces color. Girl wears snake. Loaded large boxes of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 260/1976

Walter Scheel. People waving from the airport building. Sadat and Scheel are surrounded by security officials. Sadat and wife welcome compatriots. Tübingen: Exhibition "Culture of the Arab world". Sadat visited the exhibition. Paintings and jewelry
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Deutschlandspiegel 288/1978

picture. (49 m) 06 cityscape Tübingen town catalog. City image. Small houses on the river Neckar. Winding streets of the old town. Library. Manuscripts of important scholar, who lived and taught there. Murals of the philosophers Schelling and Hegel, the
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