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Welt im Film 48/1946

mammoth machinery in Texas (total), which pours houses. Workers (total) pour the concrete into the mold. The form is non-refundable, the walls are (total). Finished House (total). Interior design with inhabitants (total). (30 m) d. roller skating show
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Welt im Film 57/1946

again: landmarks, tourist attraction and destination for many locals and all strangers. (c). DDT is the municipality of Antonio in the State of Texas taking a full-scale attack on the spinal polio, which threatened the city with a new medium. Discovered
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Welt im Film 78/1946

helicopter, which floats above the track. (6 m) c. Australia: 3 year old boy swims and jumps from Springboard little boy jumps backward from the springboard. He makes head jump higher springboard. He swims. (9 m) d. Texas Rodeo cowboys on wild jumping horses
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Welt im Film 112/1947

in boats and lay out sandbags to dams. Rails, trees and telegraph poles under water. (22 m) b. London: return of the bronze figure Eros cityscape Picadilly. Bronze figure is raised at home. Spectators on the street and public speaker. (24 m) c. Texas
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Welt im Film 154/1948

. Construction of the native American Church. (24 m) c. Texas: elephant in the school of small elephant goes with boys to school and needs to be reversed before the school building. Elephant follows the boy and enters the classroom. (23 m) 05. The cradle of
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Welt im Film 213/1949

East". Pieces of jewelry on display. (26 m) c. Texas: Texas Cowboys cowboy on horse drives young bull of the herd. The bull unable to come because rider follows all his movements to the herd. (27 m)
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 42/1950

Chemical Institute of the University of Cologne. Alder is congratulated by employees. (21 m) 5th United States: underwater film camera film deep sea diver with underwater camera. Harpunierter fish. Cancer. Blowfish. (27 m) 06. Texas: variety of underwater
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 112/1952

of the ruins of the houses. Onlookers. 07. Texas: riding rodeo cowboys on young bull between two horses. You have To try to be the bull on the back. Fighting cowboy - Bull. Rodeo on horses and cattle. Wild goat jumps and falls. 08th circus Krone
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Welt im Bild 6/1952

and women in old-fashioned clothing drive on an old car through the city. (11 m) 07 Bad Homburg: rickshaw-car young woman comes out and sits in a vehicle that looks like a rickshaw. Behind her is sitting and runs through the city. (14 m) 8th Texas
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Welt im Bild 113/1954

competition. 06. California: fur fashion show and stocking fashion mannequins show furs. Artificial snow is scattered. Dogs on leash. With jewelry garter belt stockings. Embroidered rose on foot. Thick black stocking seam. 07. Texas: Competition of
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 244/1954

the Juliana to the Parliament building. Juliana gets out of carriage and goes with Bernhard to Parliament building. There, she takes place on a throne Chair and gives opening speech. MPs stand up and call. (25 m) 05. Texas: divers search for oil divers
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Welt im Bild 188/1956

for jet fighter after old Shinto ceremony the 1st jet fighter of the country is baptized and placed in service. Launch and flight. 03. Texas: bridge collapse ruined bridge nearing completion by calculation errors. Divers search for 5 crashed fitters
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 338/1956

distance. Big back rises despite admonitions with bulkier bar and crates and is stopped by a police officer. Haridas laughs. 10 Texas: American Championships of Tower two jumpers jumpers from the Tower of ZL. Jump of the winner Pat McCormik. 11 Berlin
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 376/1957

of paper in the wind fly tornado over Texas on the city of Dallas. Destruction in the city by the Tornado and ambulance. Injured recovered. Destroyed houses. 06. vaccination against poliomyelitis breakdown from UFA 37 / 5: the polio virus under a
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UFA-Wochenschau 50/1957

). Navy soldier hoist flag of NATO. Germany song. 06. United States: Hurricane on Louisiana and Texas breakdown from NDW 389/4: flooded land. Cars in the water. Trees bend in the storm to the Earth. Destroyed houses. Car goes in the water. Small dog house
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 389/1957

Church. Bridal couple leaves the Church. Among the guests of the European high nobility, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and Queen Friederike of Greece. 04. United States: Hurricane Louisina and Texas flooded land. Cars in the water. Trees bend in
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UFA-Wochenschau 83/1958

cheap food in Denmark. Butter is balanced. (6 m) 06. consistency: cheaper bread from the Switzerland Baker taking bread off shelf and sells it. Customs officer checked on the German-Swiss border. (7 m) 07. Texas: American space experiment air force
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 473/1959

Brandt in conversation with Eisenhower. (22 m) 02 United States: launch of a Titan missile at Cape Canaveral rocket launch at Cape Canaveral. Fire tail. (10 m) 03 Texas: 10 years Academy of astronaut medical laboratory. Scientists in experiments. Rats are
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UFA-Wochenschau 136/1959

01. the buddy and the coal - thoughts on the situation of the Western mining - energy crisis coal mine. Headframe. Mate go into the mountain. Removal of coal. (49 m) 02 on youth: young people make tape interviews young people at[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 560/1960

. Prisoners in striped shirts riding rodeo in jail in Texas on bulls and horses in a fenced arena until they are dropped. (18 m = 0:37 min)
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